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Build Motor/Stock Turbo - Max Boost?

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Hi All

recently got my motor rebuild due to No. 2 raingland failure. i am currently running in and will be tuned soon. i was wondering whats the safest max boost i can run with my current setup? my tuner say 1.5-1.6bar which is a bit too high? or i am okay with my build below

2009 GRF STI - Stock turbo - will be running on 93octane or 98Ron

The Build:

Brand New Subaru Block Halves EJ257
Cosworth 99.5mm 8.2:1 pistons
Cosworth piston rings
Cosworth Rod bearings
Cosworth Crank Bearings
Subaru Head gasket kit
old Rods and Crank
ARP engine studs
Killer B oil Pick up
TGV delete

HKS Kansai induction kit
Tomei UEL header
Greddy TBE catted

Thanks a lot
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Generally, the stock turbo is pushed to ~21psi, so that sounds about right.
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