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Figured this was is a good place to make an introduction and also post what our company BROSPEED and Bro Tunes is up to. We named it BROSPEED because we treat all of our customers like brothers and friends. To us it seemed like tuning has gotten away from unique builds, making friends, and enjoying the car scene. Anyways, here's the BROSPEED Type Zero STi.

Build list:

MT257 shortblock
-bored and honed with torque plate
-CP 99.75 10:1 pistons, rings spec'd for nitrous
-Saenz S-Line rods
-King XPG main and rod bearings
-shimmed 12mm oil pump
-decked rebuilt heads
-Athena Cooper Ring Headgaskets
-AEM MAF regulated water/methanol system
-BROSPEED 3" Carbon Fiber Turbo Tract Intake
-Cobb TBE
-knock off Greddy Type S BOV

I think that that's it for the build, maybe forgot a few things but that the gist of it.
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