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Broken ABS Tone Ring - seeking assistance

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So recently my car was backed into and my rear driver's side door was replaced, qtr panel had a dent removed, and to do the qtr panel area, the rear left wheel was removed. When I get the car back from the shop, I noticed the wheels on the left side of the car had two cross threaded lugs on the RL wheel and one on the FL wheel. Considered this odd, because I don't use air tools to put lugs on, I hand tighten, then use a torque wrench to set the right torque. I take it to the shop, talk to the mgr, tell him I can't get the wheel off cuz seized lugs, resulting in broken studs. He denies everything. Now I'm out 3 studs from the dealer, people suggested going to O'Reillys to use a dorman part, but the threads were different.

So I'm replacing the rear studs, and for those who don't know there's a bit more difficulty in replacing/extracting studs from the rear, than from the front. There's the drum assembly for the ebrake and the abs/speed sensor, making it less accessble than the front. So in the process, I end up breaking the ABS tone ring. Partially due to frustration with the shop messing up my studs, and partially due to spending 5 hours on this area removing parts, and extracting the studs.

I'm interested in seeing what suggestions people have to fixing this tone ring. Before someone tells me you gotta replace the hub, get repressed bearings, etc...OUT OF THE QUESTION. I'm looking for a course of action where I can keep the current tone ring and get back to business as usual.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Did you ever get this taken care of?

I hammered an extended stud out and split my tone ring in two. I just Jb welded it together and used the bolts to hold it together. I can't really tell you if it works or not because the car is still without a motor but I can't imagine why the ABS sensor wouldn't read or read incorrectly.
Yes, it's not perfect, but for daily driving, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. What sucked was the plate that held the drum brake in we had to move around to get everything to fit. Especially the new stud. Whoever recommended you can go to O'Reillys, or Advance and use an off-brand was completely wrong in one of the other threads. The thread pattern was different, as was the length.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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