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break in 1k miles vs 500

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im picking up my sti in a few weeks and am wondering about the break in period. Where does the 1k mile break in come from, ive always heard 500. Im def going to do the 1k break in i would just like to know.

another thing is that i will be driving it from the dealers lot to my house which is 500 miles away. I want to take it home that same day but would it be better for the engine if i drove a few hundred miles then stayed the night in a hotel and drive the rest the next day.

also it will be highway most of the way so going 60 or 65 for 400 -500 miles. Is this to quick of a break in

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You're also not supposed to accelerate agressively. Let me tell you, you will not have any problem cutting through traffic at half-throttle!

My technique was to speed up to 90, lift off the gas and slowly drop back down to 60 then get back on the gas. Rise. Repeat.

Worked for me, anyway.
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