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STi-R Race Car built with IAG Performance



-IAG Stage 4 Extreme Closed Deck Block
-IAG Heads with Kelford Cams and +1mm Valves
-Garrett GTX3582R Gen II Reverse Rotation
-IAG Custom Equal Length Header, Uppipe, Downpipe
-IAG Custom Side Exit Exhaust
-IAG Custom V-Mount with Garrett Intercooler Core
-Ron Davis Radiator
-Dailey Engineering 4 Stage Dry Sump Oiling System
-ATL 26 Gallon Fuel Cell
-Radium Engineering Fuel Cell Surge Tank
-Cosworth Intake Manifold
-Boomba 75mm Throttle Body
-MooreSport Engine Mounts

Engine Management/Electronics:
-MoTeC M130 ECU
-MoTeC PDM30
-MoTeC C125 Dash with Logging Upgrade
-MoTeC E888 CAN Expander
-Custom Mil-Spec Harnesses
-Bosch/AEM Sensors


-JRZ RS Pro 3 Dampers with Swift Springs
-MooreSport Billet Front Uprights
-MooreSport Front Subframe with Integrated Sway Bar
-MooreSport Rear Subframe
-MooreSport Front Control Arms (Spherical Bearing)
-MooreSport Rear Trailing Arms (Spherical Bearing)
-MooreSport ALK (Spherical Bearing)
-MooreSport Rear Upright Spherical Bearing Inserts
-MooreSport Sway Bar Endlinks
-Kaminari Race Lateral Links
-Ground Control Front Camber Plates
-GTWorx Rear Camber Plates
-2015 STi Steering Rack
-RCE 25.5mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar
-Fully Seam Welded Chassis
-Custom Air Jack System

-Stoptech Trophy Race 6-Piston 355mm Front BBK
-Stoptech Trophy Race 4-Piston 328mm Rear BBK
-Tilton 600 Series Pedal Box
-Tilton Fluid Reservoirs and Bias Adjuster
-CL Brakes RC6 pads
-Ferodo DS1.11 pads
-IAG Custom Cooling Ducts


-Samsonas 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox
-Geartronics/Life Racing Paddle Shift System
-Tilton 5.5" OT-III HD 3 Plate Clutch
-TTV Racing 3.5kg Flywheel
-Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing
-OS Giken 1-Way Front Diff
-OS Giken 1.5 Way Rear Diff
-MooreSport Rear Diff Cover
-DCCDPro Center Diff Controller


-Volk TE37SL - 18x10.5 +22 w/ Michelin Pilot Sport GT Slicks - 27/65-18 (dry)
-Volk TE37SL - 18x10.5 +22 w/ Hoosier H2O Wets - 275/35/18 (wet)
-ARP Wheel Studs


-Custom Dry Carbon Widebody Front Fenders/Rear Quarter Panels/Rear Door Panels
-DHP Composites Dry Carbon Front Splitter
-DHP Composites Dry Carbon Rear Diffuser
-DHP Composites Dry Carbon Barge Boards
-Kognition Design Chassis Mount Wing
-Custom Dry Carbon Roof
-Custom Dry Carbon Flat Bottom
-AJ Hartman Aero Carbon Fiber Canards
-Custom Carbon Aero Door Mirrors
-Zero/Sports Front and Rear Bumpers and Side Skirts
-Kaminari Reverse Cowl Carbon Fiber Hood
-Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk
-ABW Motorsport Headlight Blanks
-Shields Lexan Windshield and Side/Rear Windows
-Paint and Body Work by IAG
-Custom Vinyl by VBD Motorsports


-Recaro Pro Racer HANS XL Seat
-IAG Performance Custom Rollcage
-Schroth Enduro Harness
-OMP 310 ALU GT Steering Wheel
-Krontec Steering Wheel Quick Release w/ 22 Pin Connector
-SPA 4L Electric Fire System
-Ultra Chiller Cool Suit System
-Custom Carbon Fiber Switch Panel
-Gutted Doors w/ Removable Front Windows


I have posted lots of pics as I go along but I have never officially created a journal, so here goes. I got the car in August of '04, CGM w/ Silver Wheels. Here she is in stock form:

you can see in this pic that the temp tags are still on...she was just a virgin.

My first mod was a Passport 8500 X50. I hardwired it...

...and soon made a custom mute button integrated into the stock switch blank.

My next mod was a set of Defi gauges (Boost, EGT, Oil Press.) in a Defi pod. I wanted to make sure I had a means of monitoring my engine before modifying it.

I was also very underwhelmed by the factory stereo, so I decided to do some upgrades. I began with a Kenwood DDX7015...

...and a set of MB Quart PCE-216s powered by a Phoenix Gold amp.

I also put Dynamat in all 4 doors. The difference was amazing, now it sounds great!


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So as it stood, my car looked like this on the outside:

pretty much stock. As you can see, I put snow tires on my stock wheels, intending to use them as my winter wheels. So when Spring rolled around, I needed something else...I picked up a set of 5Zigen FN01R-C's in 18x8.5 +48 and mounted 245/35/18 Goodyear Eagle F1's.

They looked great, but something was wrong...I drive a car, not an SUV! It was time for some suspension work! So I bought these.

Whiteline Group 4 coilovers. Here's a shot of one next to my stock strut. What a difference!

I installed them and took my first drive...and I loved them! Instant difference.


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I also installed a RavSpec S203 replica lip. Here was my stance, MUCH BETTER!

At this point, the car looked and handled great, but I needed more power. I had been running the Stg. 1 Cobb AP map for awhile but it wasn't nearly enough. So I bought this:


APS 3" catted TBE. It sounded great, and after switching to the Stg. 2 map, the car was a new beast!

However, I made the decision that I wasn't quite done with suspension mods, so I added one of these as well:

Whiteline X3006 27-29mm front swaybar. Here it is compared to the stocker.

This made a HUGE difference in turn-in and corner stability, definitely one of my favorite mods!

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Great job man, I really like the way your car turned out!

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After awhile, I decided the Stg. 2 map wasn't cutting it, but I wasn't ready to do a turbo upgrade yet. So I made a few more mods to the engine to try to extract as much power as I could from the stock turbo. First was an APS CAI:

I also threw on a Greddy Strut Tower Brace at the same time.

Then came the APS equal length header:

Before installing the header I had it, along with the included uppipe and my turbo heatshield, coated by Jet-Hot:

After installing the header, along with a Prodrive 3-port boost solenoid, I went to Agile Auto for a Protune.

And here was the result:

312whp and 340wtq! I was extremely pleased with the numbers, big thanks to Hill and everyone else at Agile!

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very nice, it looks great! good choice going for one of the bigger FSB's ;)

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Here are some shots I took this year before going into winter mode:

Then I took off my 5Zigens and replaced them with a set of 17" bronze Rota Torques with Pirelli Winter 240 Snowsports.

Unfortunately, I broke my CF lip, so that came off as well. After taking my 5Zigens off, I decided to sell them, so here they are waiting to be picked up by their new owner.

I will be ordering a new set of wheels this week, so I'll have a fresh new look in the Spring!

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And here are a couple of small mods I have done along the way:

Redline shift boot, e-brake boot, and armrest cover in black leather w/ red stitching.

Blue Batmobile taillight overlays.

Stay tuned, I have LOTS of plans for the upcoming months, including new wheels and more engine/suspension mods!

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for sure, I'm in Ohio at school right now but I'll be home for the middle 2 weeks of March for spring break and then from mid-May onward for the summer. When I'm home, I'm all about meets, we definitely need to organize more of them in the future.

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Car looks great mate, eager to see where it goes now! Quick question, were you once a member on the Audizine forums?

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Looks good, I really like what you did with the X50, I might have to do that.

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Very nice, the car is def coming along nicely! Very clean mods!
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