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Here are my current measurements. I have TurboXS RFL-TI turbo back, hacked airbox and a Perrin turbo intake.

This is max boost per gear:
1st-11 PSI
2nd-10 PSI
3rd-14 PSI
4th-15.5 PSI
5th-16 PSI @ 5500 RPM's

I started in each gear at 2k rpm and went to redline. I let the boost gauge do the peak hold. I recorded the boost number, reset the gauge, and went to the next gear.

I had to let off the throttle in 5th. I was hauling Arse! I have zero problems with current mods.

I gained one PSI with the turboXS turbo back and about 1/2 psi with the Perrin TI.

Have I told you all how much I love this car? I LOVE IT LONG TIME!
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