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I've been a member of this forum for a long time but figure now is as good a time as any to start a journal.

The vehicle is a 2011 WRX STi bought new in February 2011, current mileage is: 89,000

Latest news is an IAG Stage 2.5 closed deck block going in after a spun bearing. The car was making 441whp/446wtq at 24.5psi with a Blouch 1.5XT-R on E85/Flex for roughly 25,000 miles, before that 352whp/434wtq on E85/Flex for about 35,000, and "Stage 2" for about 15,000 miles before that. (Power numbers are all on MoFab LLC's DynoJet, and corrected. A stock STI makes approximately 280whp/260+wtq corrected on this dyno)

I will be adding to this over the next few days until it is more complete, this is just a start.

Incoming IAG Stage 2.5 (Bold is new/coming)
  • JE FSR 99.75mm 2618 forged pistons w/ skirt coating
  • Tuff H-Beam connecting rods
  • ARP2000 Rod bolts
  • ACL Rod and Main Bearings
  • 2017+ STI crankshaft
  • New 11mm Oil Pump
  • Gates Racing Timing Belt & Water Pump

  • Manley Valve Springs/Titanium Retainers
  • Billet TGV Deletes
  • ETS TMIC + AIT Sensor Relocation
  • Killer B Oil Pan, Pickup, and Windage Tray
  • Secondary Airpump delete
  • Cobb SF Intake
  • Blouch 1.5XT-R 10cm^2, 2.4" Inlet
  • TurboXS 3" Downpipe
  • X-Force Catback Muffler Delete
  • IAG Street Series AOS

  • Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel
  • DeatschWerks 1200cc injectiors 1500cc injectors
  • DeatschWerks 300c Fuelpump
  • iWire Fuelpump Hardwire kit
  • Radium Engineering Fuel Rails
  • Radium Engineering FPR
  • Radium Engineering Fuel Line kit

  • OEM STi 6-Speed
  • Competition Clutch Organic Twin Disk
  • Kartboy Short Shifter & bushings
  • Cygnus Performance X-1 Coilovers
  • Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar Type II
  • Whiteline Front and Rear Swaybars & End Links
  • Whiteline Power Steering bushings


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