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Hi, my name is Aaron and this is my 2006 STI. My goal is to have the ultimate daily driver, capable of some light track duty without sacrificing too much comfort.


Table of Contents:

Event Results
Aero Improvments
Cooling Improvments
Power Upgrades

Post #0002 - Introduction
Post #0003 - Mods List
Post #0011 - PIC(s) Removed Pin-stripping
Post #0012 - PIC(s) Plastic Sheet added to Front Bumper
Post #0013 - PIC(s) Photoshoot 7/7/13
Post #0014 - PIC(s) USB/Aux Extension Cord Installation
Post #0025 - VID(s) 7/20/13 Auto-X in Fayetteville
Post #0026 - PIC(s) Ram Intake/Brake Duct Installation
Post #0034 - PIC(s) Wheel Spacers Installed
Post #0046 - PIC(s) Installed JDM V7 STi Seats
Post #0049 - PIC(s) Pictures of my newborn son!
Post #0051 - PIC(s) Night Photoshoot 11/11/13
Post #0054 - PIC(s) Access doors cut into undertray
Post #0060 - PIC(s) Intake air box construction progress
Post #0061 - PIC(s) Completed intake air box
Post #0067 - PIC(s) Mishimoto Radiator Installed
Post #0085 - TIC Holy Shift Set (shifter bushings) installed
Post #0086 - Finally Tuned! (Dyno graph from Virtual-Dyno included)
Post #0090 - PIC(s) Got backed into :(
Post #0092 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom for Bumper fab'd and Installed
Post #0099 - PIC(s) Painted Headlight Housings
Post #0100 - Sparco Evo 2 seat installed (barely)
Post #0101 - PIC(s) Sparco Evo 2
Post #0104 - VID(s) 5/10/14 Auto-X at NCCAR
Post #0112 - PIC(s) 5/10/14 Auto-X at NCCAR
Post #0113 - PIC(s) Hellas and Rally Armor Mud-flaps
Post #0114 - PIC(s) Power Steering Cooler
Post #0115 - PIC(s) New Wheels! SSR GTV02
Post #0125 - PIC(s) Wheels back from Powder Coating
Post #0129 - PIC(s) Wheels and Tires installed
Post #0133 - PIC(s) Recaro Pole Position Installed
Post #0145 - PIC(s) Recaro Baby Seat and Umbrella Holder installed
Post #0147 - PIC(s) Lunchtime Photoshoot
Post #0151 - PIC(s) Gauges Installed
Post #0158 - DD Tire Analysis
Post #0179 - PIC(s) 11/7/14 VIR Holiday Laps
Post #0184 - VID(s) 11/7/14 VIR Holiday Laps
Post #0185 - PIC(s) Continental DWS Tire Review (winter setup)
Post #0193 - Swapping a to a Legacy key with integrated keyless entry
Post #0210 - PIC(s) Flip Key Conversion Complete
Post #0216 - PIC(s) Maddad Whisper CBE installed
Post #0223 - PIC(s) Trunk Utility Panel built and installed
Post #0224 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Resumed!
Post #0225 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Panel #5 and Project Outline
Post #0226 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Panels #3 & 5
Post #0227 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Panels #3 & 4
Post #0231 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Mounting locations
Post #0236 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Phase Complete (ABS Panels)
Post #0239 - PIC(s) First Track Day at CMP
Post #0240 - VID(s) First Track Day at CMP
Post #0296 - PIC(s) Brake Cooling Step 1: cutting holes in the dust shields
Post #0298 - PIC(s) Brake Cooling Step 2: foglight ducts
Post #0307 - PIC(s) Brake Cooling Step 3: Brake Ducts installed
Post #0308 - PIC(s) Fog Lights Secured after being hit
Post #0313 - PIC(s) Bumper Secured
Post #0320 - PIC(s) Heat Taped the Intercooler
Post #0324 - PIC(s) Random pic a friend took :)
Post #0328 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Panels #2, 3, 4 & 5 cut and welded together
Post #0338 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Panels #2 & 3 Completed, Aluminum Panel VS Plastic Panel
Post #0339 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 2) - Phase Complete (Aluminum Panels)
Post #0343 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 3) - Panels #6 &7 Beginning/rough first cut
Post #0344 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 3) - Panel #6 Complete
Post #0370 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 3) - Panel #7 Complete
Post #0374 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 3) - Phase Complete
Post #0375 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 3) - Mounting locations
Post #0377 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Rear Diffuser mocked up and cut out
Post #0387 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Rear Diffuser fitted and trimmed (no strakes yet)
Post #0392 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Rear Diffuser sides removed and one end fence fitted
Post #0399 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Minor Aero Improvements and Water Pattern on underbody results
Post #0409 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 1) - Flexible air dam added under front bumper
Post #0410 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - End-Fences complete, next up strakes!
Post #0418 - VID(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Video of Water Spray out of Diffuser
Post #0430 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Painted End-Fences Flat Black
Post #0431 - PIC(s) Installed Hood Scoop Mesh Screen
Post #0434 - PIC(s) Flat Bottom Panel Project Update (Phase 4) - Rear Diffuser Complete(ish)
Post #0444 - PIC(s) Bought some vents for my hood
Post #0447 - PIC(s) New Alignment spec
Post #0454 - PIC(s) Trimmed out the hood vents
Post #0455 - PIC(s) Cut in and Installed Hood Vents
Post #0456 - PIC(s) Hood and Hood Vents Painted
Post #0463 - PIC(s) Trimmed/Reshaped Intake Box for better clearnace
Post #0489 - PIC(s) Group N Transmission Mount install
Post #0500 - PIC(s) Leaking Brake Line!!!
Post #0501 - PIC(s) Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrapped center console
Post #0504 - PIC(s) Downpipe installed, TGV deletes and turbo inlet next
Post #0513 - PIC(s) IAG AOS Installed
Post #0514 - PIC(s) Up-Pipe and Dump Tube Ceramic Coated
Post #0522 - PIC(s) Intake Temp Sensor Installed in Intercooler
Post #0524 - PIC(s) Installed IAG AOS Breather Vent through Underpanels
Post #0535 - PIC(s) Strapping down on the Dyno
Post #0537 - PIC(s) Dyno Results
Post #0540 - VID(s) Dyno Video
Post #0541 - PIC(s) Cobb AP V3 Hard mounted to dash
Post #0543 - PIC(s) EWG Muffler custom muffler installed
Post #0548 - PIC(s) Picture of my newborn daughter!
Post #0557 - PIC(s) Painted the lettering on the tires
Post #0558 - Installed Oswald Performance Rear Triangle Brace
Post #0559 - PIC(s) EWG Dumptube rerouted into Downpipe
Post #0566 - PIC(s) New turbo-blanlet installed
Post #0568 - PIC(s) IMSA Weathertech GT Race at VIR
Post #0581 - IAT data pre/post turbo blanket install
Post #0592 - PIC(s) New Fender Vents just arrived
Post #0601 - PIC(s) Cars and Coffee 11/05/16
Post #0616 - PIC(s) Windsheild Banner and Light-Weight Battery Installed
Post #0620 - PIC(s) Vents Cut into Fender Liner
Post #0622 - PIC(s) Fender Vent cut and test fitted
Post #0636 - PIC(s) Fender Vents painted and passenger side vent installed
Post #0641 - PIC(s) Winter cover for lower radiator opening built
Post #0645 - PIC(s) Fender Vents installed and complete
Post #0656 - PIC(s) Started custom switch panel project
Post #0671 - PIC(s) Custom switch panel test fit in car
Post #0685 - PIC(s) Custom switch panel mounted and wiring ran down A-pillar
Post #0722 - PIC(s) Oil Cooler Core installed along with front tow-strap
Post #0723 - PIC(s) Oil Cooler Core installed with front bumper back on
Post #0724 - PIC(s) Hawkeye bumper fitment discovery! Fix that sagging bumper!
Post #0730 - PIC(s) Mocal Sandwich adapter with �AN fittings assembled
Post #0731 - PIC(s) Pressure testing oil cooler lines
Post #0742 - PIC(s) Phone Holder project started and Oil Cooler fully installed
Post #0753 - PIC(s) New Auto-X magnets and new WedsSport TC105N wheels
Post #0771 - PIC(s) Gurney Flap added to rear wing
Post #0780 - PIC(s) RE71-Rs are finally mounted on GOLD WedsSport TC105Ns!
Post #0791 - PIC(s) Radio wiring cleaned up and Fuseblockk added
Post #0797 - PIC(s) Rear Fenders rolled to fit WedsSports/Bridgestones
Post #0800 - PIC(s) Built a replacement USB plate for center console
Post #0820 - PIC(s) USB Plate completed
Post #0826 - PIC(s) Installed the new wheels/tires for the first time!
Post #0838 - PIC&VID(s) HyperFest Results (First Session)
Post #0839 - PIC&VID(s) HyperFest Results (Second Session)
Post #0857 - VID(s) 06/03/17 Auto-X at Cary Town Centre
Post #0868 - PIC(s) 06/03/17 Auto-X at Cary Town Centre
Post #0871 - PIC(s) 06/03/17 Auto-X at Cary Town Centre
Post #0872 - PIC(s) Rear Diffuser functionality (V1 Design Analysis)
Post #0885 - PIC(s) Lifted catback for V2 underbody clearance
Post #0887 - PIC(s) Muffler-Bumper Heat sheild
Post #0905 - PIC(s) Modified OEM Plastic undertrays with skirting and added aluminum angle for V2 panel mounting
Post #0912 - PIC(s) V2 Underbody/Diffuser Phase design plan
Post #0913 - PIC(s) Muffler-Bumper Heat shield replaced/upgraded
Post #0919 - PIC(s) V2 Underbody Panel Dimensions
Post #0930 - PIC(s) Singular Motorsports Hood Vents Cut-in
Post #0931 - Diffuser design research findings
Post #0933 - PIC(s) Singular Motorsports Hood Vents and Hood Painted and Installed
Post #0945 - PIC(s) V2 Underbody Phase 1 trimmed out and installed
Post #0948 - PIC(s) V2 Underbody Phase 1 reinforced, and Phase 2 installed
Post #0951 - PIC(s) V2 Underbody Phase 2 Jack-Point block for rear diff
Post #0960 - PIC(s) V2 Diffuser initial mock-up and voltmeter install in center cosole
Post #0961 - Diffuser Design technical reading links
Post #0962 - PIC(s) Rear Diffuser test fit and end fence trimming
Post #0967 - PIC(s) Diffuser end fence trimming and fitment
Post #0968 - PIC(s) NACA Duct in undertays vs air velocity graph and discussion
Post #0969 - PIC(s) Diffuser trimmed and mounted (no strakes yet)
Post #0978 - PIC(s) Strakes trimmed out and ready to be mounted
Post #0985 - PIC(s) V2 Diffuser complete and mounted!
Post #0986 - PIC(s) Fire Extinguisher relocated to side of drivers seat
Post #0996 - VID(s) Video attempt at recording waterspray behind car
Post #0997 - PIC(s) Bumper quick connects installed, Ti Brake Shims, "Tallboy" shifter and custom extension
Post #1003 - PIC(s) Considering different rear wing options
Post #1028 - PIC(s) V2 Diffuser shortened to reduce rear overhang
Post #1044 - PIC(s) New WedsSports back from PowderCoaters
Post #1048 - PIC(s) Test fitting new wheels
Post #1051 - PIC(s) New Wheels and tires mounted!
Post #1066 - PIC(s) Infrared Camera Pics of vents/louvers and exhaust/turbo
Post #1074 - PIC(s) Detailed the car, so shiny!
Post #1084 - PIC(s) New Garage progress, and Oswald Performance Front Bumper Beam install
Post #1091 - PIC(s) New Oil cooler installed, front ARP extended lugs installed, JDM Mirrors arrived
Post #1101 - PIC(s) Fortune Auto 510 RDC Controller mounted
Post #1106 - PIC(s) Bought a 20gal Air Compressor and stealth mounted under work bench
Post #1108 - PIC(s) Fortune Auto 510 Coilover install
Post #1109 - PIC(s) Car aligned and corner balanced
Post #1116 - PIC(s) New underbody/diffuser design (V3)
Post #1119 - Fortune Auto 510 Review
Post #1121 - PIC(s) Front RDC Installation

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BlueScooby's 06 STI - INTRO

Hi everyone, my name is Aaron and I bought my 06 STI in April 2012. I have been in love with the STI for years and vowed to one day buy one, so I joined the site back in 2009 to start reading up on subies. My last car was an Integra (which I knew pretty well) and did not want to jump into buying a car I knew nothing about... Reading up on newbie threads and generally surfing the technical forums have provided so much great information, by time I bought my 06, I felt like it was already so familiar to me!

My goal from day one was to have a well handling, fun, daily driver that was still comfortable enough for my wife. She hated my Integra for being low and uncomfortable, so I didn't want to go that route again. She still thinks the STI is a little uncomfortable, but she doesn't mind riding in it :cool:

When I bought the car it had 85K miles on the odometer, Enuratech Coilovers, an Eibach 25mm rear sway bar, and a no-name FMIC. I wanted a stock car, but this one was pretty clean, local, and a good price. First off, I replaced engine oil, trans oil, diff oil, spark plugs, air filter and accessory belts. I'm a big fan of starting off fresh with all regular maintenance items so I know whats in the car and when it needs to be changed.

When I bought it:

The first upgrade came in the form of a KillerBee Oil Pickup tube and windage baffle tray 2 months later. Last thing I needed was to be one of the few who have theirs break. I know its not a super common problem, but this was a piece of mind upgrade as much as it was for reliability.

A month later, I notice some dents in the rear lateral links from the swaybar flipping, so I bought a set of KartBoy Endlinks (Front & Rear) to fix that. Word of caution to those, who do not know, you will need the additional spacers for an aftermarket front sway bar (I did not know this at this point).

Next, I flushed the brake system and filled with ATE SuperBlue. Don’t want to boil any brake fluid… Not long after that I bought new brakes as well; the previous owner had some cheap slotted/drilled rotors that were toast. I went with Centric Premium rotors (non-slotted/drilled) and Ferodo DS2500s. I ended up adding Goodridge SS lines and TiC master cylinder brace later down the road as well. The brakes feel very responsive and bite hard. I am quite pleased with the results.

Then in December (2012), I was finally sick of running an FMIC with a stock turbo/tune, and my coilovers, so I started looking into swapping them both. FMIC was first. I sourced a stock TMIC and swapped that on and sold the FMIC. In the process of installing the TMIC I found several little issues that were “rigged” instead of fixed, to fit the FMIC. While being displeased, I was glad I found them and fixed them. I also noticed, what seemed like, an alarming amount of oil in the piping for the FMIC. I realize now it was probably accumulated over a long time, but nevertheless I picked up a Morosso Air-Oil-Separator to fix that. I also picked up the odds-and-ends to wrap it all up, like the stock TMIC air splitter and the windshield washer fluid tank. I wanted it all to be back to stock as much as possible. I sort of had to piece it all together in steps but it was worth the effort.

Engine+Bay.JPG Front+Mount.JPG

TMIC.jpg Morosso AOS.jpg

While this was going on, I was looking into swapping out my suspension as well. After a lot of research into the “perfect DD/handling” approach, I decided to go with stock struts, revalved by FEAL, with JDM Pinks and some big swaybars. I heard nothing short of great reviews about the “Pinks”, and I have not been disappointed. I chose RCE lowering camber plates in the front and Group N tophats in the rear, to try to eliminate any unnecessary slop, and to give the car a slightly more aggressive look. Luckily for me I found an IWSTI member selling this exact setup (minus the revalve). After purchasing his setup, I found his journal and discovered he had a very similar perspective on suspension, which was a pleasant surprise. Only reason he was selling was to upgrade to coilovers to handle the additional track time he was seeing. So I immediately had the struts sent to FEAL before installing them. They installed the grease fittings on the rear struts so I can nip strut-clunk once it starts to resurface down the road. As you probably figured, I went with the tarmac spec/mild springs revalve to match the springs. The next major piece of the puzzle was the front sway bar. Sticking with my strategy of “adding” front grip, I went with a 27mm Whiteline FSB. Its’ probably a little bigger than I needed, but I have been nothing but pleased with it. Then a little over two months ago (March 2013), I found a used Whiteline ALK for cheap and pounced on it. Next up will be the Whiteline roll center/bump steer kit!

Old Coilovers:

Newish Stuff:
new suspension.jpg

Stock vs New FSB:

The car has come along way and is so much more fun now!

Thanks for visiting!

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BlueScooby's 06 STI - MODS list

Current Mods/Upgrades:


Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers with Swift Springs (7K/6K) and RDC
Whiteline 27mm Front Sway Bar
Eibach 25mm Rear Sway Bar
Whiteline Ball-in-socket Adjustable Endlinks
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
Whiteline Roll Center/Bump Steer Kit
Whiteline Adjustable Rear Lateral Links
Oswald Performance Rear Triangle Brace
TIC Fender Braces
Alignment Specs: Toe: Zero; Camber: -2.0°F/-1.7°R

Ferodo DS2500 Pads (Street)
Carbotech XP10 Front/XP8 Rear (Track)
DBA 4000 Blank Rotors - "KNS Special" (Street)
DBA 4000 Rotors (Track)
Goodridge SS Brake Lines
TiC Master Cylinder Brace
Fog Light Brake Ducts, RooDucts, brake dust sheilds removed

Stage 2 Protune 309WHP/321WTQ
Cobb Accessport (V3)
KS Tech Type-2 73mm Intake
KillerBee Oil Pick-Up Tube
KillerBee Oil Baffle
IAG Air-Oil-Separator
Moore Performance Turbo Blanket
Maddad Whisper CBE (Custom mounted high and tight under car)
Invidia Catted-Divorced-Bellmouth, ceramic coated, downpipe
Grimmspeed ceramic coated uppipe
TiAL 44mm EWG - Dumptube routed back into downpipe
TGV Deletes, ceramic coated
AMR Turbo Inlet
AEM 320lph fuel pump
OEM fuel filter relocated into engine bay
Rebuilt Turbo Cartridge with 6x6 Billet Turbine Wheel

Group N Engine Mounts
Group N Transmission Mount
Kartboy Transmission Crossmember Bushings
Kartboy Pitchstop
Goodridge SS Clutch Line (just because...)
Kartboy 6MT front shifter stay bushing
Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushing
TiC 6MT Pivot Bushing
TiC 06+ Subaru Shift Linkage Bushings
Kartboy "Tallboy" Shifter with custom machined shifter extension
PST Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator and Silicone Radiator Hoses
Mishimoto Power Steering Cooler
Fluidyne Custom Oil Cooler with Mocal 200degF Sandwich Plate

AmsOil 10W-40 Engine Oil
Motul 90PA Diff Oil (Amsoil 75W-90 Severe Gear next)
Subaru Extra-S Trans Oil
Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
ATE SuperBlue Clutch Fluid
Subaru green Coolant
Idemitsu ATF (Power Steering)

Recaro Pole Position Drivers Seat
SMY Gauge Cluster
Defi Red Racer 52mm Oil Temp. Gauge
Defi Red Racer 52mm Oil Press. Gauge
Kenwood DDX6702X Head Unit
Red Key Ring
Red Climate Controls
Red Clock
Subaru Flip Key swap
Tinted Windows
H3R Halgaurd Fire Extinguisher mounted to drivers seat
Dynamat inside doors, under backseat, and on rear shock towers/wheel wells
FatMat under carpet
LED interior lights
Carbon Fiber Switch plate
Custom USB connectors mounted to center console
Custom Voltmeter display mounted to center console
DAMD D-shape Steering Wheel
Subaru Legacy Steering Wheel Radio Controls added (with ASWC-1 controller)

V-Limited style Front Lip
Custom Aluminum Flat-Bottom Panels (Full length of car) (V3)
Custom Aluminum Rear Diffuser (V3)
Beatrush Undertray
GrilleCraft Lower grille
GrilleCraft Upper grilles
GrilleCraft Hood Scoop grille
(2) Perrin Wing Stiffies
Removed Pinstripping
Blacked-out (Painted) Headlight Housings
Hella Horns
04/05 Brake Lights
LED exterior lights
XPEL Clear Bra on Hood, Fenders, Lower half of Front Doors
Singular Motorsports Fender Vents (Paint matched)
Singular Motorsports Hood Vents (Paint matched)
JDM Power Folding Mirrors with Prova Yellow Convex Lenses
Oswald Performance Lightweight Front Bumper Beam
Oswald Performance Subframe Brace

255/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R (Track)
255/35/18 Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3+ (Street)
WedsSport TC105N 18x9 +35, powder coated "Spanish Gold" (Street)
WedsSport TC105N 17x9 +35, powder coated "Spanish Gold" (Track)

Future Mods/Upgrades:


Whiteline stout-mounts for rear sway bar
Whiteline 24mm RSB to repalce eibach

Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Brake Kit (Front CP8350/325)

No current plans

Updated FIA bucket seat - Recaro Profi?

Removable Front Splitter (Track-Day Only)
Custom Built Sideskirt/extensions

Removed Mods:
FEAL revalved struts (Tarmac Spec - Mild Springs)
JDM Pink Springs
RCE Lowering Camber Plates (front)
Group N Tophats (rear)
Morosso Oil Catch Cans
JDM V7 STI Front Seats
Sparco EVO 2 Drivers Seat
Custom 25mm Wheel Adapter-Spacers
Custom ABS Plastic Flat Bottom Panels (Phase 2)
RallyArmor Mudflaps
Custom Aluminum UnderBody Panels/Diffuser (V1)
Custom Aluminum UnderBody Panels/Diffuser (V2)
Custom Stamped-Aluminum Hood Vents
Red Cig. Lighter (Cig. Lighter removed alltogether)
USB/AUX extension cord mounted in Center Console
SSR GTV02 17x9 +45 Wheels with 5mm spacers
Undertray intake duct

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Looks good man, nice job returning it to stock. It's always scary buying somebody else's toy, not knowing how often the played with it.

You autocross much? That's one of the best/safest ways to push the limits of your car and really get to know it.

Keep it up.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Thanks man. The more I got into, the more things I found that frustrated me, but nothing major luckily.

I've been once last year, before any mods, and on the old suspension setup. But I'm planning on hitting a couple this summer. From what I've experienced already with the handling and grip increase from swapping the suspension, I should be much more competitive :) (not that I'm actually competing with others, just against my own times)

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Nice glad to hear you working on suspension improvements. Car can be quite enjoyable once you get it to turn correctly.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Definitely. I had no idea just how bad it was on those coilovers (granted the car was slammed with a stock FSB). It is WORLDS BETTER now!

Every now and then I like to test what kind of corning speed I can hold on a freeway cloverleaf on-ramp (closest thing to a skid-pad on the roads), and I seriously gained 20mph going around the corner (same one used for reference point). That goes to show you just how bad the handling used to be.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Well, just finished getting the timing belt changed. In the past three months I have changed clutch, new tires, and now the timing belt. I'm ready to not have to fix/replace anything for a while now...

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

So yesterday I finally removed the pinstripes off my car. I have been wanting to take them off for a while now. It was a lot simpler than I thought it would be.

So this is what I used:
3M strip wheel.jpg

and here it is on my drill:
wheel and drill.jpg

drivers side, before:
drivers side stripe.jpg

driver side, after:
drivers no stripe.jpg

passenger side, before:
passenger side stripe.jpg

passenger side, after:
passenger no stripe.jpg

After using the eraser wheel to peel off the pinstripes, I briefly used some mineral spirits to quickly wipe off excess adhesive residue, then finished the job with some polishing compound. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

I forgot to tell you guys about how I "rigged" my front bumper so it doesn't look like there is a gaping hole from being cut for a FMIC. I had the idea of basically cutting a piece of black plastic to set in the bumper to give the illusion of a normal bumper (unless you get really close).

I found a sheet of 12x48in black ABS on McMaster-Carr for about $15 with shipping. At that price, who wouldn't give it a try?

After taking some measurements I traced out what I wanted to cut out on the ABS and broke out the JigSaw to cut it out. Then, using a friends heat gun, we bent the ends of the ABS up to simulate the sides of the inside of the bumper.

Side bent upward:

The whole sheet: (not the finished product, lots more trimming took place)

After changing what I was wanting to do with the plastic and trimming here and there for a while, I finally got it to fit in the bumper, and looking pretty decent. Mind you, if you get close and look at it, its pretty obvious its not just the OEM bumper, but from a few feet away, you probably wouldn't know unless I pointed it out... And that's good enough for now. Ultimately, I'd like to trade for an uncut bumper, but who knows when that will happen...

Final product:

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

So today, I received a USB/AUX extension cord that I can mount to the car. I was tired of having a cord just randomly strung into the glove box, so this seemed like a nice solution. I decided to route the wires and mount the end inside the center console for easier access. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Let me know what you think.

Fresh out of the packaging. I won't be using the supplied mounting bracket since I'm mounting in the center console.

A close-up of the cord:

Center Console is out:
center console.jpg

Hole is drilled:
drilled hole.jpg

Test fit the cord:

Mount the Cord:

Final Product:

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Hope the autocross goes well, I haven't been to one in a while and it's killing me. You should do pretty well with all of those suspension mods. Which one do you think has made the biggest difference so far? I've been contemplating getting an anti-lift kit but I have some maintenance to take care of first (timing belt and head gaskets) so I know what you mean about that not having to fix or replace anything for a while thing.

Good luck today man.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it. Hoping I'll actually be competitive with some others this time... :) I'm going to try to shoot some video while I'm there as well. I'll post one up after I get back.

I would say the front swaybar has been the biggest difference so far. The only thing is some people might not like the steering being so sensitive (almost darty at speed), but I love it. I feel extremely connected to the car.

I feel ya on the maint. issues. They add up real quick.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

Pretty soon that darty feeling will be a distant memory. Love the handling on my car now and so will you.

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Re: BlueScooby's 06 STI

That's one thing I need to do is a front sway bear, I put a rear on as my first suspension mod and it was great but now the front is sloppy. The TiC fender braces helped a little but it's still not as stiff as the rear end.

Looking forward to the autocross video.
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