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Blitz SUS Intake

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I am looking for a cheap upgrade to start with. This will be my first car mod ever. Will I have to do anything special with the ECU if I get one? And is $298 a good price? That is the cheapest I have found so far.... any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe there is a part with a better cost/power-gain ratio? After this I plan on saving up the money for the exhaust stuff.

Sorry about the sporadic nature of this post.
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I have this on my STi too and I love it. It gives a loud sucking and blow off sound too. The install is very easy. All you need to do is remove the stock air box and replace it with the blitz intake and install the MAFS and the brace and thats it. You can remove the snorkle if you want but I left it in so that it could get cold air. Its real easy and great for your first mod.
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