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Blitz SUS Intake

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I am looking for a cheap upgrade to start with. This will be my first car mod ever. Will I have to do anything special with the ECU if I get one? And is $298 a good price? That is the cheapest I have found so far.... any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe there is a part with a better cost/power-gain ratio? After this I plan on saving up the money for the exhaust stuff.

Sorry about the sporadic nature of this post.
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i just got in a blitz SUS intake and a blitz dual drive blow off valve

there is loud loud loud annoying whine above 3.5k rpm
is my blow off valve leaking? or is it the turbo
i got the sucking sound, but i dunno why there is that loud loud whine
and my engine smells like something's smoking :(
the smoking could be the dust getting in my engine and get burnt
coz i took the snokel off coz it's vibrating
it's a blitz
how high rpm, like 5krpm? at neutral right?
so right at the moment it leaks and not leak where i will stop the nut at?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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