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I have the true combo, they communicate with each other via infared so you can set your boost dependent on speed and do whatever crazy stuff you can think of. These things have so many features I never even bothered to truly learn how to use them, but the power meter will graph your power in real time and also does 1/4 mile and Dyno runs.

They are the rare white ones and are in 100% perfect condition in every way, no scratches, wear, or anything whatsoever (used less than 7Kmiles).

I am going a different route with my tuning and while I hate to get rid of them, I could really use the money.

There they are above the rear view. They were $770 new, I'm only asking $490. This includes all solenoids, electronics, wiring, etc, EVERYTHING.

If you are reading this, you probably already know how long this list of features is but just to name a few:
-US/Metric reading
-Duty Cycle OR Target boost settings
-Internal or External Wastegate settings
-Change Boost maps on the fly with the turn of a knob
-Beautiful, large animated display with startup sequence
-Can display external data such as MAF voltage, etc.
-Records and Plays for minutes
-I could go on forever

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