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I have to post to say a big thanks to Dan Lowman. He took time out the other day in horrible Atlanta traffic to give me some great conversation and a ride in his White and gold STi. I had not had an opportunity to see one before. I know it is old news to most people but what a jaw dropping experience. The only thing I can conmpare it to was a mid 80s 911 that I had driven on previous occasions. Same raw power and torque feel but the Sti felt much more sure footed.

I could really not believe how awesome it looks in person. I really need that jaw dropping icon to really represent how I feel about it. As soon as I caught sight of the white and gold I thought Spec C. It is really great that Suby chose to give us such a great car. I was pleasantly surprised that the wing and scoop did not seem too monstrous at all. In fact, everything seemed like it just belonged the exact way it was. I have been waiting a long time for the combination that this car provides and at the price at which it has arrived.

I was alo quite pleased with the interior. Very nice. I am so glad I didn't waste time trying to chase down an Evo. The Evo is a great car I'm sure but really I have to like the way a car looks from the driver's position. I don't think that the Evo would suit me with its interior. The driver's position in the Sti was incredible. And the seats felt great. I am a big guy, 6-1, 225+ (and dropping!) and I was very pleased that I fit comfortable in the seat. The interior was nice and simple with all the controls understandable. Of course the gauges rock! My girlfriend had enough room in the back to not be cramped.

Overal that is not much wrong with this car that I could find in that short time. I am sure after getting mine I will find something that I would have liked different but I can't imagine it would be much. This is the first car I felt like was not missing much. After having owned a Mazda P5 for the past year I am sure I will miss a fold down rear seat or at least a pass through. But no big deal. Overal no worries about this purchse. I don't see how I can go wrong. FYI he got his at Gwineet Subaru from Brad Miller. My deposit is in at Mastro.

Big thanks to Dan for taking the time to show me his awesome new ride!
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