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A family friendly picnic including BBQ, whiffle ball, softball, basketball, volleyball, hiking, biking, fronting, blinging, good friends, nice cars, and great memories.*

This is the 5th Patapsco event. First back in 2001. There wasn't enough interest in 2002. Then again in 2003, 2004 and 2005. This is always a good time and usually a big meet. We're trying to make this bigger than ever, so spread the word, post in other forums, etc. Any questions, post them or PM me.


Subie enthusiasts and <simpsons>well-wishers</simpsons>. Really, anyone can come, but we're basing it around the Subaru community.


September 24, 2006. Whenever people start showing up :) Last year it said 11-sunset, that sounds about right.


Patapsco Valley State Park:
McKeldin Shelter #576:

The directions, ripped right off the website:

McKeldin Area - From I-695/I-70 West take I-70 to Marriottsville Rd. (Exit 83). Go north on Marriottsville Rd. for 4 miles to the park entrance on the right.

From I-70 East take Rt. 40 to Marriottsville Rd. Turn left. Park entrance is 5 miles on the right.

From Rt. 26 take Rt. 26 to Marriottsville Rd. Go South 4 miles, park entrance is on the left.

Number of People

It sez 150 people. We have not hit this limit yet, so that should be plenty.

Here are the details and the things I'll need from everyone attending.
  • Time: Sunday, September 24, 2006, 11am to sunset. (Or when everyone leaves.)
  • In the past, we have had the lot reservation covered by our amazing sponsors. If this does not materialize this year, there may need to be small contributions from everyone to make sure we're not out $175 :)
  • Let me know if you're coming, how many people are coming with you, and how many cars in your group.

    If you could reply with some thing this:

    screen name - real name +# of people - car(s) - what you're bringing

    Example: mav1c - Tim +1 - Silver '06 STI - Burgers & Rolls

    Please do this instead of "I'm SO there" or "sounds cool" so we can get a head count :)

What Should You Bring?

  • Bring food, drink, paper plates, plastic cups, or whatever you'd like to offer. Think of it as a big BBQ Pot Luck. I'll try to keep the list updated with who's bringing what, and what we need as we get closer to the day :)
  • Bring at least one garbage bag and take out whatever trash you can. This is important as NO TRASH can be left behind. At the last meet there was a lot of trash left for a few of us to clean up, which was pretty annoying, so please, clean up before you leave. It will be MUCH appreciated.
  • If you want to do any activities like Mountain Biking, Hiking, Frisbee, or whatever, bring what you'll need to do it.
  • I'm sure I'll think of more things, but that's it for now. This should be a FUN time!


Pets are not allowed at the site. Sorry. :(

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are allowed at the site, but they must be kept within the pavilion. Also, underage drinking will not be tolerated at this event. If you are going to consume alcohol, please have a designated driver.

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