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I'm slowly getting an update together here, got some stuff going in slowly, but I'd rather wait to make a bigger post (seems more worthwhile). This will be more of a life update post.

Here's our dog, Cassie. She's a Weimaraner/Chocolate Lab mix (about 1.5 years old) that the wife and I rescued from the animal services shelter here the middle of July. She had been dropped off there by her previous family that claimed they couldn't take a Lab with to their next duty station (haven't heard of a single duty station that restricts Labs, so calling bullshit there, they couldn't deal with her energy is more likely).

Unfortunately she had developed kennel cough while in the shelter, when we went to get that treated we found out she also had heart-worm and based on the development she had had it (them?) a while, so before her previous family dumped her, a good while. My conjecture is that they found out about the heart-worm and cheaped out on treating her (much less vaccinating her) or putting her down and instead paid the small fee to drop her off at the shelter. (Plea for help is near the bottom, along with a link to the gofundme page for Cassie's treatment).

After some tests (to see how enlarged her heart and other organs were) we decided we would get her treated. This consists of 3 months of treatment, first month is HeartGuard to kill the eggs, second month is a shot to kill the adults (happened two Fridays ago) and the third step will be two more shots a month later seperated by 24 hours. We will have to keep her as inactive as possible during this time (the months after the shots) which is quite difficult with an energetic breed mix and one this young. The purpose of the inactivity (and keeping her heart-rate lower) is to prevent strokes or the lungs from getting clogged from dead worms.

Anyways, here's a couple pictures of this goofball (she thinks she's a lapdog, she's 60 lbs). She loves to run and jump around a lot so that makes this period even more difficult, but chew toys are helping.

Her being my wife's lapdog (she seriously just plops down in your lap):

And one of her and that giant, floppy tongue:

We started a gofundme page for her treatment too (it's going to cost us around a grand to hopefully save her life and hopefully get a full life out of her). Here's the link: Cassie May Heartworm Treatment if anyone wants to contribute at all. I'll also quote what my wife said in it, since she's a bit more eloquent in this case than I am.

I would like to introduce you to Cassie May! She is a gorgeous, affectionate, and goofy 1.5 year old lab mix my husband and I adopted from the local kill shelter. Her favorite thing in the world is to cuddle up in our lap, despite being 60 pounds, and give us tons of kisses! She likes to carry her toys and blanket in her mouth wherever she goes. She can usually be found right behind us as she doesn't let us out of her sight, not even for a minute! It makes for some interesting showers. :) Despite her background, she is a loving and happy dog and fits perfectly within our family. However, a couple days after adoption, we discovered she tested positive for heartworm. We were devastated as we had already fallen in love with her and her with us. She is our little shadow. <3 We decided we wanted to go ahead with the treatment and give her the best possible life because she deserves it. Unfortunately, we were not expecting a $1000 vet bill and a 4.5 month long treatment. My family and I are asking you from the bottom of our hearts if you could please help with her treatment. Any amount of money would be greatly appreciated and will help us immensely. We want our baby girl to be healthly and live a long wonderful life. Thank you. <3
And the update about a week ago:
Hi everyone! I wanted to say thank you again to everyone that has donated and shared Cassie's page. It means a great deal to myself and my family. I also wanted to update everyone on how Cassie has been doing. She has been enjoying life these past two months. Her favorite things in the world are to try and catch bugs in our backyard and then cuddle up in our lap once she is tired. However, the fun and play times have come to end. Cassie started the next part of her treatment yesterday. She received an injection in her back that will kill the worms. The side effects of the injection are an increased chance of stroke, heart attack, and lung blockages if her heart rate increases too much and the dead worms break off and enter her lungs. This means the baby girl is not allowed to play, take walks, or get super excited for two months. If you know this girl, you know that is going to be a challenge. She is full of so much spunk! Unfortunately, that means she will have to be crated for the majority of the time as per the veterinarians directions. She also will receive another two injections 24 hours apart in another month. Then a month later, hopefully all the worms are dead and the baby girl is in the clear! It is going to be a difficult and anxiety filled journey. I ask that you can keep Cassie and our family in your prayers. Thank you.
Anyways, sorry about the wall of text, but that's our pup that we love. Cheers.

P.S. If anyone knows anyone with a 3rd gen WRX ('08-14), I have parts laying around for them. If I could sell the damned Spearco TMIC that would be a huge boon, as it's a $1000 part sitting around here and completely useless to me. Same deal with the seat covers, brake duct kit, GrimmSpeed heat shield, strut top spacers (all Impreza lines '08-14) and the other 3 Perrin Stiffis (for GDs) that won't be going on Bianca. Getting this stuff gone would also help an insane amount.

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6SEP2014: So, it’s been about 5 months since I’ve done any real update, and there has been a bit of work done, but nothing much since the end of June due to always working and having not bought the remaining items for my lift (King springs and sending the struts to Feal for a revalve/rebuild). The biggest changes are the installation of the Killer-B oil pan/pick-up and baffle combo (with the Fumoto valve and the oil temperature sender installed), Tigwerks engine mounts, and the rest of the Samco TMIC hoses. Oil pan and engine mounts were both giant PITAs to install. Still need to decide on my choice of tranny mount upgrade to finish out the setup on that end. Didn’t remember to take any pics during this, and I’m trying to remember if I did any other additions or changes at this point beyond the oil change and swapping out the tranny/front & center differential fluid. Rear diff will get fresh fluid after my billet 6061 rear differential cover (for an R180) with 30% extra capacity arrives.

I changed the setup of the gauges a month or so ago with some permanently installed gauge pods, one on the bottom of the A-pillar (oil pressure) and one mounted up above the mirror (EGT, still just sitting there blinking until I get my headers swapped), the oil temp and boost gauges are still in the same places, mounted in the ATI steering-column pod. Changed up how my driving camera was mounted once again, used a few different parts from Ram mounts for the job; much more stable now and doesn’t restrict the movement of my rear-view mirror (at least not in a way that bothers me).

(INSERT PIC of camera and gauges)

The roof liner and everything else roof mounted (visors, oh-shit handles and lights) are all out until I redo the roof liner since it started sagging really badly. I attempted to start sewing it up by hand but that was turning out to be WAY too tedious for me. I will eventually pull the covering off again and redo the contact adhesive correctly, then it will all go back in, though I will need to figure out a solution for the visors (maybe dyeing the cloth part and vinyl wrapping the mirror lids). Once that is all back in I’ll have to figure out a solution for the air-flow from the roof-vent, namely to direct it more to the sides than backwards. Another interior thing to get updated were my seat covers, got some almost WRB colored Neoprene covers from Wet Akole, took some picture sending for them to finish, but the results are pretty good. Still need to install the passenger seat’s cover however.

(INSERT PIC of roof liner when it’s eventually back in)

Speaking of the roof vent, we had a bit of a rainy season here and I developed a leak from the vent install. I ended up pulling the scoop and scraping out all the silicone caulking I had used. The stuff was essentially worthless for the job it seems, as it started breaking down from the heat. After cleaning it out and doing a bit of sanding, I wiped it all down with alcohol and refilled it with my favorite adhesive out there, E6000. I know this stuff works fine as it is what I used to seal al the rivets holding down the diffuser on the rear edge of the roof. Everything is back in and same as before, but unfortunately I think I will have to do a full pull of the roof vent itself and reinstall with the E6000 on all connecting surfaces as well as on top. This time I’ll try and get some more substantial help than my wife, maybe I’ll use bolts and nuts to hold the vent in place (and get it in tightly) while I install the rivets, just have to figure out a method of holding up the washers on the bottom (maybe tape will be the best bet).

On to today (6SEP2014); I’ve had some issues with the reverse lights being a little finicky at times, based on the symptoms I assumed it was the switch acting up, so I ordered one to put in. Just in time too, since the switch had completely stopped working. This is a huge PITA to change on a 6-speed if you don’t want to truly remove the tranny, which is how I did it; removed the tranny sub-frame and split the drive shaft (rather than allowing fluid to leak out of the hole the DS goes into; this is all the easy stuff though. Fun part was trying to replace the actual switch which required a crowfoot wrench I didn’t have, locating one was a PITA too, wasted 2 hours of the day running out to the Sears (looked like the single piece tools had been ransacked, and not a single crowfoot other than a $50 dollar package of ones I already had), ended up having to go farther out to Harbor Freight and bought a set there; 19mm crowfoot is now in my kit, along with some other spare metric crowfeet. After the time-drain I get all the necessary pieces removed and separated (sub-frame removed, tranny sitting on my second jack, driveshaft split, etc.).

Alright, finally get the bad switch out (easy enough to remove, one good twist with a double extension on the crowfoot and it spins out with one finger moving it) and decide I want to check both old and new electrically before the install. Set up my multimeter (to resistance) and check the old switch, open with nub out (correct), with nub in I’m getting mega-ohms of resistance (think I found the problem); new switch is open with nub out, and 1 Ohm with the nub in, new one is good. Now to try and get the new one installed (this is where I was hating life), took me almost 2 hours of struggling to get the bastard to start screwing in straight (very difficult to do when you can barely reach it with one arm over the tranny (literally could only touch it with my fingertips) and the other hand can only get to the knuckles between the tranny and tunnel). Finally get the switch in, and get it tight after some more finagling with the crowfoot and extensions; check out the reverse lights, they work beautifully again.

Since I was already in the area, I finally installed the Kartboy shifter bushings that had been sitting around forever and then installed the matching short throw shifter too. Feels a good bit more accurate now, no wonder though, the rear bushing was almost dry-rotted out (quite cracked on the surface, and very stretchy). Going to be fun to go drive around with this setup tomorrow.

Next was getting to the installing of the Borla exhaust that has been hanging around waiting. The modifications I have planned for it will happen at a later date (after I get a MIG welder for the garage), along with the other metal work projects I have in mind. And it’s in, pretty simple install, though it was a little beat up from the previous owner, and the slip fittings took a little massaging to get together right, but I heard no leaks like the P/O stated. It sounds pretty good when cold though.

(INSERT PIC of exhaust)

Next things on the agenda are starting to do some maintenance upgrades, which for now will consist of tire rotation, replacing the axle nuts (eventually, one thing at a time), fresh ball joints and swapping the struts for the lower mileage set in the closet. Also, I purchased another ’06 STi steering wheel for a project I’ve been thinking of doing, for now I’ll remain relatively tight lipped about it though I need to find a shop that welds Magnesium. Other than this I have some other parts arrived for the brake swap (fresh rebuild kit, a fresh color to paint the brakes in and some speed bleeders), a switched set of plugs for the diagnostic wires, a switched set of plugs for the clutch position switch (since the switch is being finicky lately and I will have an option of turning it back on and requiring the clutch to be pushed in) and I am in the process of changing out (read as deciding the colors) for some changes to the boots (e-brake and shifter) and center console (adding a matching cover) inside the car (working with Redline Goods on this).

1-9NOV2014: Alright, went to a cruise today, had some really bad luck though. Nailed a chunk of rebar and concrete that was hanging out on an exit. Destroyed both wheels on the driver’s side, and the front tire received a hole almost large enough to fist. I didn’t have the worst luck however, Bianca’s “twin” (another OBP ’06 STi but with gold BBS’ instead of silver like mine) blew their engine. Couple of the guys on the cruise convinced the owner to let me borrow 2 of his wheels (read as a temporary swap) to get me home. So now I more or less have forced my own hand at starting the 4/2 pot swap so I can run the old rally rims (and A/T tires) I had on Roxxy. So I started the swap on Tuesday night (4NOV, had to work on Sunday and Monday and it interrupted my planned starts), and as all installs seem to go, there are other irritating hiccups in the job.

These pics are both sides of the front wheel, notice the bend in the inside end is visible from the outer-side pic (about 60* clockwise): DS Wheel Front by RooT1985, on Flickr

And this is the rear wheel, outside section looked fine, inside not so much:
DS Wheel Rear by RooT1985, on Flickr

Luckily I had already rebuilt the 4/2 pots (including a second rebuild of the front DS caliper after I snapped the bleeder off inside and the removal bit too, FML) and had them mostly ready to go in (other than rears, didn’t have them put back together yet). So I get the fronts off on Tuesday night, and Wednesday night I get the new DBA rotors, Porterfield pads, rebuilt caliper and the Goodridge lines all in on the front, but apparently stripped (discovered on Sunday (9NOV) night after getting everything buttoned up) the mounting holes on the DS caliper (yes, this caliper is the main gremlin on this job), so it’s time to use that Time-Sert kit I had waiting around (unfortunately I need to get another tool to use the taps, as the one I have isn’t correctly sized).

Thursday I get a good bit of the job done, get the calipers rebuilt, get most of the install done, fresh lines and rotors are in, but need to get the correct mounting bolts for the calipers (Brembos are M10x1.5m I needed M10x1.25 for the 2 pots) and longer bolts for the Grp N top hats on the struts I was swapping in. Bought all those bolts during lunch time on Friday so I could get hot on continuing the install after work. Friday night is spent getting the rear calipers completed and installed and starting on the strut swap in the rear. Start the swap to fresher struts with Grp N top hats and ½” spacers on the rear that night, get the most of the way through both sides.

Saturday I do the install of the front struts with Grp N top hats and ½” spacers, lose one of the nuts for the top hat in the black hole called an engine bay, need a replacement now. Installed Eibach camber bolts on all 4 struts, change my mind and remove them again. After this I do the install of the TSS trailing arms and trailing-arm-mounts, adjusted out about ¼” longer than stock (have the option to adjust them from stock - ~2” longer), whenever I snag and install the lifting King springs I’ll adjust them out longer. Lost about 5 hours of work time that day due to my boss’ birthday party/lunch at Olive Garden and the food baby I had thanks to their endless pasta bowl (bad enough I considered inducing vomiting). Once I finally get back to work (after I installed the second trailing arm) I decided to try refilling the brakes by myself and discover the bleeding system I bought requires a compressor (I don’t have one, not going to get one soon either) so on to researching how to build my own one man bleeder.

Sunday I go and pick up the parts to build my own bleeder (1 gal pump sprayer, some hose, some fittings and a fresh cap for the MC reservoir), get it built and do some fine tuning to get it to work correctly (mainly to get the cap to have a tighter seal). I refill the lines and get the wheels back on the car, and attempt to move the car, and it’s not moving, one of the calipers is inhibiting movement. I lift the car again and start doing some inspections and discover one of the bolts is stripped on the driver side front caliper, start working on it but the stripping gets worse. All the parts stores are closed by this point so I close up shop for the night as I have to work early on Monday morning.

11NOV2014: Install is complete, rebled the brakes again and did some adjustments on the brakes (like putting an extra washer on the mounting bolts for the front calipers to stop the touching between the bolt and the rotor’s face). After getting this all done I was able to finally take the car for a spin, fill the tires back up (two were sitting at ~20 PSI, one at ~10 PSI (went in the trunk as a full size spare) and the other two were sitting right below 30 PSI), and bed the brakes a bit. Unfortunately I have the symptoms of a CV joint that is on it’s way out on the front passenger side (grinding/scraping noise only on a left turn and only on one side with no evidence of rubbing anywhere). After going for a little drive I came home (inspected the front passenger side wheel at this time, again) and installed the DAMD steering wheel I had hanging out. It all looks pretty good now, love the feel of the wheel a lot.

Here are some pics of the car at the end of all of this and the steering wheel (and surrounding area).
Untitled by RooT1985, on Flickr
DADM Wheel by RooT1985, on Flickr
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