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Better get some wheel locks guys!

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I checked out the a few tire websites to see the Bridgestone Potenza RE 070 that are coming on the STi - wow, expensive. Between the tires and the rims (probably somewhere around $1000 or more in American dollars if similar in price to the BBS 17's offered currently for the WRX) we will probably running on $1600 or more at each corner. I couldn't tell from the pics at the autoshow if the car is coming from the dealer with wheel locks or not, but it would definately would be a good purchase when you leave the lot, and you should be able to find them in gold to match the rims. Anyone who doesn't install a half decent alarm might find their car on blocks sans rollers without wheel locks. But then you might not care - without a decent alarm, wheels might be your last concern as the whole car will be gone.
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