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Better get some wheel locks guys!

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I checked out the a few tire websites to see the Bridgestone Potenza RE 070 that are coming on the STi - wow, expensive. Between the tires and the rims (probably somewhere around $1000 or more in American dollars if similar in price to the BBS 17's offered currently for the WRX) we will probably running on $1600 or more at each corner. I couldn't tell from the pics at the autoshow if the car is coming from the dealer with wheel locks or not, but it would definately would be a good purchase when you leave the lot, and you should be able to find them in gold to match the rims. Anyone who doesn't install a half decent alarm might find their car on blocks sans rollers without wheel locks. But then you might not care - without a decent alarm, wheels might be your last concern as the whole car will be gone.
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what sites did you check? i've check a couple tire places and no one had the re070.
i've never used/needed wheel locks. but not knowing anything about them, i'm always worried about using them. the depth of most of the keys i've seen is very shallow; 1/4" max. now imagine you take it to a shop to have the brakes worked on. the monkeys power up their impacts and put the nuts on with 200ftlbs of torque; 110ftlbs over spec. then i have a flat and can't get the thing off, in part because of the over-torque and in part because the key has such a small bite and doesn't stay in on it's own. can the keys break? what do you do if you loose the key? do the companies even sell replacements? and for how much relative to the cost of a new set? oh geez, i'm so worried, i'm on the verge of tear here? :cry: . . . :D :D
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