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Best Roads to Drive

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Just wondering where everyone will be looking to open up their new STI outside of the track. Here are some of my personal favorites

1) Rt 112 Kangamangus Highway - Lincoln, NH to Conway, NH
2) Rt 118 New Hampshire - good in early Fall before leaf peepers and frost heaves watch for moose and off camber corners
3) Brandon Gap - Rt. 73 Brandon, VT to Rochester, VT - my favorite gap in VT because its the least traveled
4) Rt. 73 Keene, NY to Lake Placid, NY
5) Sawmill Parkway, NY
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Honestly i don't ever do it that much. I have a near perfect driving record and i like it that way. There was an article in the chicago tribune awhile back about a guy who got caught doing around 170mph on a Hayabusa motorcycle in a 55mph zone. He was arrested(for doing double speed limit) and from what i understand got totally butt rammed by the judge(lost license, etc). I don't ever want that to happen to me, so i save it for the track myself. I did once(only once) do 150+mph on the toll road in my Type R right after we dropped the JUN engine in it, cause i just had to know right then how fast it was. My speedometer ended at 150 so i really don't know how fast I was going though. :eek: Bouncing off my rev limiter in 5th gear is something i'll never forget! :D
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