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Since I love following journals on here, especially the ones from Bruce, Idin and David, it's time to make my own not so build-crazy STI journal :cool:

My name is Ben, currently 26 and I'm doing IT Stuff for a small Agency some miles south of Stuttgart, Germany.
My affection with motorsports started most likely after I was born. My dad always watched the Formula One races. In the early nineties his Brother joined BMW Motorsport in the Super Touring Car Championship for some Team Management. Aparently I wasn't really old enough to remember the times we went to the Racetrack back then and cheer for BMW. The only thing I can remember that we went to an STW Race in August 1995 at the N�rburgring.
When the BMWs plans for the Formula One got more precise, they ask my uncle if he wants to join the Formula One Circus for BMW.
Aparently his wife and himself prefered not to travel around the world so he quit his Job at BMW to make a living in France and Italy with speculating on the Stock Exchange Market.
After watching the Documentary ADRENALIN on Blu Ray yesterday it made me quite thoughtful of what might have been if...:rolleyes:

Anyway, my Dad and his Brother were probably the two people affecting me with Motorsports. Before I had my driving license I always used to play the Simulations on PC like rFactor, GTR, Nascar Racing, CART, Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix and what else I got in my hands. I always raced agains my dads times and was usually faster than him. I remember him breaking the steering wheel one time because he just couldn't get close to my lap time on the Hockenheimring in Grand Prix 2 :lol: Good times!

So when I turned 18 I made my driving license and bought a cheap as Seat Ibizia 1.6 from 1996 to get some experience and from A to B. Two years later the German Government came up with that great idea that they give you 2500� cash if you get rid of your old car (scrapyard) if you buy a brand new car. So in the end I chose the 2009 Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet 1.4L which is quite a fun hot hatch. 1.4 Liter Turbo with quite some torque to have a lot of fun with torque steer. I can't remember how, but one day I found myself on an Airport Trackday slaying tires, killing brakepads and trying to get faster which was quite the fun in a crappy fiat :D

I was on one of the Trackdays where I made myself friends with a Subaru Crazy Couple from Switzerland. I don't know if Carlo ever owned something different than a Subaru, I think if you would ask him he would deny it badly :D
So after more Trackdays also on the Hockenheim, money spend on the car to make it faster and myself improving in driving I came to the point where the "Pizzabox" (that's what Carlo's wife always called it) wasn't pleasing me anymore.
That was 2013.
In 2012 I met my "brother" through my flatmate. My "brother" is from Portland, Oregon, a crazy BMW car nut and from the first day we met, we were like, well, brothers. :)
Same year I went to the US of A the first time in my life. A dream come true! I don't have to tell you guys how beautiful the PNW is.
One thing I kind of didn't expect was: It's Subaru Country!
So go figure where, in my small brain, the idea of owning a STI got incepted. :D
I got to drive Carlo's crazy GC8 STI swap one day. Instantly and 100% sold that my next car will be a Subaru STI.
So skip forward to October 2013 and I sold my Fiat. After reading a lot in the Forums to get familiar with "things & stuff", I found a good option.

2005 WRX STI Type UK imported by the owner, Alex, himself in 2011. NO RUST.
No I'm not lying. It's from the UK and THERE IS NO RUST! Yes, I couldn't believe it either. The only rusty thing is my brothers E30 the STI sometimes parks next to :lol:
Alex spent the Car KW V1 coilovers, OZ Superturismo Wheels, a HKS Super Hi Power TI limited exhaust, Alcantara wrapped Steering Wheel and some DEFI Genome STI Gauges.

This is how she looked after I picked her up:

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The License Plate was a gift from my buddy from OR. It's pretty cool to have for shooting pictures :cool:

Now, have some more pictures you may have seen around here already:

And the most recent:

MY05 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

What I did to the car:
-Retrofitlab Retrofit Kit H4 with 4300k Xenon Bulbs
-JDM Titanium Strutbrace
-Sparco Pro 2000 Seats on Buddy Club Super Low Down bases
-Perrin Reverse Lockout Lever
-Perrin Wing Stiffies
-Perrin Pitch Stop Mount
-AD08R in 225/40/18
-Tarox F2000 Rotors front, Tarox Zero Rotors rear
-Pagid RS14 Pads all around
-Custom Brake cooling ducts/plates
-Fischer Steel Brake Lines all around

-Motul Power 300v
-Motul RBF 600
-Motul Gear 300 for the Gearbox
-Motul Gear 300 LS for the Rear Diff
-Motul Multi ATF for the Steering once the new Rack is in

Good thing my buddy I met through the Subaru Impreza GT Club knows how to map the Subarus safely. He helps me with tuning the car.
As I don't aim for big horsepower numbers I at least have someone who can adjust the cars mapping if something pops ups.

I have a Spec C Steering Rack at home I wanted to have in for Friday. But aparently the guy who told me he will help me putting it in on his lift told me the day before my appointment, that he has to cancel it. So no Quick Steering Rack installation yet.
Which is a shame as I have my first Trackday with the car on this Friday at the Hockenheimring.
Still excited though!

On Saturday we went to a good friend who is a total Subaru Car nut. We went there for some corner balancing.
Put the car on the scales and this is what the computer showed to us:

Turns out I did a pretty good job setting the suspension with the measuring tape :lol:
She still is a FAT B!TCH with 1450kg. 3/4 filled fuel tank.
I hope we can drop around 100kg through removing unnessecary weight like sound deadening, replace the battery for a lightweight one, Carbon Fiber drive shaft, myself getting rid of 10kg of body fat ?, Spec C Windows, replacing the front and rear crash guards with lighter ones, removing the U-Subframe, AC, and whatever we can find...
But without getting rid of the rear seats and carpet.
I mean, you gotta have reasons to spend money on the car, right? Right? :lol:

Good thing my Girlfriend supports me. I'm not sure which one of us is more excited for friday. :cool::tup:

Turns out this is the only interiour shot as of right now:

My buddy from Oregon is visiting, he'll get to drive the STI on Friday at the Track too :cool:

So, that's it so far from myself.
I hope you enjoyed reading my little story and I hope I can keep you guys satisfied with future updates.
Feel free to ask me any questions!

Cheers from Germany,
Ben :)


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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI

Thank you Goose :)

Today I removed the Downpipe to fix a problem that only the RHD Vehicles are affected of.
In tight left corners the Downpipe slams onto the Steering Linkage cause the Steering Wheel to vibrate and makes it tough to steer.
Annoying as sh!t & also kinda dangerous I guess.
But everyone says the RHD & LHD 3" Downpipes are the same.
Torch + Downpipe + Hammertime = hopefully solved issues.

less than 2 days till Trackday :cool:

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI

Damn 3198 lbs. I need to re weigh my car ASAP!

Oh and a very nice car!

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI

nice car! Sad you painted those beautiful gold wheels tho :(

I love the diversity of opinions I get from it. My winter rims are still gold if that helps you :lol:

Damn 3198 lbs. I need to re weigh my car ASAP!

Oh and a very nice car!
It's interesting that I kinda nailed the cornerweights with a mesuring tape. I thought we'd be way off. Bot left to front on the front axle is just 3kg. That's the amount of water you put in your washer tank.
And those 16.5kg difference in the rear, I bet I'd need another 10 years of driving experience in that car to feel the difference. I most likely would say you don't feel the difference at all.

Let me know how much your's is :cool:

For those who are not into the Euro Models:
It's an EJ207, Single Scroll Turbo, UEL Header.
No TGVs to remove as they have none :D

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI

Two for you:

Dirty Track Bitch

Flight Deck

I'm quite happy with the car. It was awesome fun yesterday at the Hockenheimring...until a 996 GT3 made friends with the wall. Last 10 minutes of the last Performance Turn were canceled and the last Rookie Turn also. Aparently my Buddy from Oregon who is visiting didn't get to drive the STI as we aimed for him to drive the last rookie turn.

Fastest Laptime was a 2:09.17 which I'm pretty happy with. Aimed for below 2:10s so achievement unlocked! :cool::D

Videos and Pictures from the HHR once I have them :)

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI

Great shots Ben, looking forward to the video! When you visit the PNW, any chance you can bring the whip? :lol:
I wish that would be possible :cool:

Wow that car looks great.
Thank you very much :)

Here is the Video from 2 Laps from the first performance turn (0600pm to 0620pm).
Second lap on the entry to the motodrom I slowed down as I saw fluid on track.
I hope my buddy sends me all of the GoPro Footage so I can put a couple more laps together as those two laps weren't the quickest ones :)


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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - HHR Video on Page 2

Very nice car and backstory. Although I'm with the others on the wheels...gold and blue is classic!

It would be a dream to drive on Hockenheim or Nurburgring, I'm an F1 nut and love motorsports history. Welcome to the forum.

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - HHR Video on Page 2

Here are the Videos from Turn 2 and 3. Sorry for the bad sound quality. I wasn't using my helmet with the GoPro in those two turns as the helmet kinda annoyed me.
You don't need a helmet for driving on the track as long as your car doesn't have a rollcage. If you have a rollcage, you have to wear a helmet.



Turn 3 was aborted as that Silver 996 I followed and then overtook crashed into the wall, ending the Trackday for everyone else. Driver was unhurt.

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - HHR Video on Page 2


I can appreciate the WRB / gold combo in line with WRC, but I for one love the look of your wheels. :tup:

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - Nürburgring Pictures Post #15

Short news:
Made an appointment for a timing belt swap. Last one was 2011 and I just want to make sure all the idlers and the belt tensioner are allright. I feel like I never can sleep safe if I'm not sure what parts are really on the car, how old they are and so on :lol:

Appointment is on the 18th of May.
I made the appointment at the dealership in person as I had a weird noise which was gone of course when I were at the dealer :mad::lol:
He asked me if I need a car for the day. They had a black 2015 STI in the Showroom.
I pointed at the 2015 STI and said: yup :D
The owner of the dealership, I got to know him at the 2015 STI presentation at the Hockenheimring last year, said: "Allright, we'll register the car until then for you!" :cool::tup:

Still haven't put in the Quick Steering Rack. Nobody with a lift has time.
Went to the DTM Race at the Hockenheimring last weekend, they also had an FIA World Rallycross event there and we were hanging out at the RX Paddock watching the Mechanics preparing the cars. And they have those long and high lifting Carjacks. I refuse to work on my car until I get one proper car jack :rofl:

If any of you guys want to add me on facebook, just shoot me a PM.

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - Nürburgring Pictures Post #15

I don't blame you, that's a a crucial part. Sometimes I wonder about mine...

That's what always happens with noises. You explain to someone and then when they look, it's gone and you're crazy, haha!

Nice pics above, looking good. Kinda sad there's no German Grand Prix this year. Bernie is greedy.

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - Nürburgring Pictures Post #15

Yeah I mean I could do the timing belt myself. But no matter how confident and informed I feel myself, if I fuck somehow up and blow up the engine in the process, it'll be a 3500+$ bill.
If the shop does the job, I'll pay ~700$ and if they screw it up and the engine blows, it's their fault and they have to pay.
And they don't really charge much for labor so I wouldn't safe enough to justify doing it myself.

The noise hasn't reappeared to date so I'm not really bothered again. Not kinda they way I like to handle things but since the car was running without issues...

I don't know how to feel about no F1 in Germany this year. It's never really a win situation for the City/County. I mean, for Restaurants, Hotels and everything it is, but not for the Racetrack itself.
I'll be at the Hockenheimring on Wednesday, taking pictures at the Afterwork Trackday there. They do the east course layout and I'm no fan of that at all. It's even more demanding on the brakes as the Hairpin comes every 2 miles. So braking vom 210km/h to 50km/h every two miles that is.
I hope that I can take part at the Trackday in June.

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Re: Ben's MY05 WRB Type UK STI - Nürburgring Pictures Post #15

So, I'm happy with the car now.
Shop swapped in a new Timing Belt, Belt Tensioner, Crankshaft Seal & Idlers.
Told me the previous Timing Belt swap wasn't done correctly as one of the pieces that prevents the Timing Belt from jumping a tooth wasn't set up correctly and grinded off some material from the Timing Belt. :tdown:

But it's all right now :cool:

On another note, I'm not happy with their way they threat customers.
Instead of getting a 2015 STI I got a crappy XV with a damaged right side mirror.
They didn't even register the STI they had in the Showroom. That's what the actual deal with the boss of the shop was. I asked him about it and he couldn't remember.
If I had known I'd get a crappy XV I would have asked my GF to drive to the shop with her Audi together with me in the STI so we don't need a car from the shop/dealer.

Subaru Dealers are super rare in Germany & I just want to drive the 2015 STI even if it's just for some hours :(

Maybe I'm just too picky but I actually enjoy good service...
Wondering how that is in the USA/Canada?
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