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Bellmouth downpipe to 3" V-band

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I am looking for a good way to connect a catted bellmouth downpipe to a 3" V band rotated turbo outlet on a 2004 STI I just bought. The current set up has a fabbed up 3" non catted downpipe. I prefer not to cut up my just purchased Maddad catted bellmouth if I can avoid it. I'd like a 5 bolt adapter that connects to the downpipe with the V-band side connecting to the turbo. ANY suggestions appreciated!

Thank You,
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Is the bellmouth DP for a rotated set up? They will be completely different if it isn't.

I've never heard of any such contraption to adapt from a vband to a bellmouth DP. Easiest thing will probably be to hack off the cast bellmouth section and fab on a vband end.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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