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A little about the turbo:
“Using a proprietary compressor wheel design we have produced spool within 500 rpm of a stock turbo (8cm turbine) while providing insane airflow to redline. The turbo is capable of up to 500whp on E85 and easily makes 400+ on 93 octane. With a stock inlet size, it truly is a bolt-on unit” It is a 54 lb/min turbo and is great for making power on both heavily modified setups or fairly stock setups.
BCP X500 8cm WRX/STI Turbocharger 500hp
There is minimal shaft play, only what is expected of a journal bearing turbo. It has ~7,000 miles on it. I have the internal WG actuator, as well as a custom EWG bracket. Take it all for SOLD.

Located in the Detroit area. For pictures or inquiries, you can PM me or for fastest response, text me at 24824zero19zero9
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