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K so I have and old amplified Bazooka tube from my last vehicle and before I invest in a better system I thought I would put it in the STI for some added bass (the factory sub sucks!)

So I have the thing fully installed and it works but only for a couple of mins and then it cuts out?

All the hook ups are good- power to the battery, the rear speaker wires from the back of the HU....so I hook up ground (first to a bolt in the trunk).....works great and then dies. So I unplug and reconnect the harness to the sub....same thing. So I try a new ground in the trunk...same thing....so I try a ground in the car (the grey wire from the factory sub harness) same thing...works great and a minute or two later it dies. I checked all my wires for loose connections ...anyone have any ideas/suggetions? :(
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