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Bank 1 Misfire = Bad ECU?

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I have been trying to solve a misfire on Cyl 1 & 3 for the past few weeks now and can’t figure out what else it could be.

So far I’ve done the following:
  • clean and flow test 1050cc injectors
  • replace cam gears and check timing
  • replace engine harness
  • replace oem coil pack and spark plug (getting ground, power and signal)
  • IAG stage 2 tuff block passed compression test (150psi on all 4 cylinders)

I’ve come to the conclusion that there could be an issue with my ECU which is loaded with my tune on the AP. Does anyone know if this could be possible? I’ll be towing the car back home so any input is appreciated, thanks!
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Since no one has said anything.

Low timing can cause misfires under boost due to blowout. But from what I remember, your issue was during idle as well.

One question for the compression test was a leak down test also done ? Sorry you haven't been able to fix this.

You've had this issue for a bit

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Has a leakdown test been done yet? Also was this compression test done hot or cold?

Seems like you have done all the basics. I would say perform compression and leakdown test both hot and cold. See if the results coincide with each other.
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