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BAMF_STi 05 OBP STi - Trying to STU

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I've always come to IWSTI for research and to pass the time, but never really posted except for some pictures in other's threads. Well, I figured it was about time I posted a journal. There's not a lot to tell so far (except for the fact I'm long winded), but there should be more in the near future.

I grew up being into cars, but there wasn't much going on in my small home town. There were some car shows, but I never really got into that. I always read magazines about racing and modifying wishing I could do that. I finally got a chance to do that in 2007 in college when the local region of the SCCA had an autocross on campus. I signed up in my 2005 Chevy Cobalt wearing a set of snow tires, had a blast, and I've been hooked ever since. That fall I picked up a 1995 240sx and made the long difficult trek down the road of anti-drifting the car. I autocrossed it until 2010, when I picked up my STi.

I picked up my 2005 OBP STi in May of 2010. It had 78,600 miles and was stock. The previous owner must have driven the car thinking it was a Buick, because it was not well taken care of cosmetically. There was a ring of salt residue around the floor mat, numerous scratches (some I have no idea how he got), there was a rust spot on the roof, and the trunk was rotting out from under the spoiler. But cosmetics doesn't make the car go, and the owner had a catalog of all the maintenance done, it ran strong, and the price was right.

I had bought the car to be my daily driver, replacing my 2004 SRR WRX. Not racing it lasted all of about 2 weeks. I started autocrossing it in B-Stock on the original RE070 street tires. I had a bunch of fun, and the change up helped elevate my driving. By the end of the season, the tires were gone, and I decided it was time to go back to the Nissan. So the STi stayed on DD duty until spring of 2013.

I've modified the Nissan to the point it is no longer reliable, and needs to be trailered to events (which I don't have). I bummed rides for most of 2012, and didn't want to do that again this year. So I figured, as a Band-Aid, I would race the STi again for the season. Thanks to a friend parting out his STi, the car now had an intake and AccessPort. I could remove those and go back to stock, but that is silly talk. Besides, I've been wanting to compete on a national level and the STi can't hang in B-Stock. It can in STU though, so that's where I set my sights.

#1 priority was suspension. I started shopping for something like BC's, but ended up finding a used set of RCE T2's that already had the 600lb f/500lb r springs I wanted and valved to match.

Next was wheels. STU limits you to a 245 street tire, but leaves the wheel unrestricted. I had the stock BBS's I could use, but the top level STU cars are running much wider wheels like a 9.5". What would be ideal is the 17x9.5 +38mm RPF1. Oh hey, I had just bought a set of those for the Nissan. That was really convenient!

And that's where I ran out of money for modifications. So, I bought a set of RS-3's, and started racing. Due to some poor decisions, like not getting an alignment, I chewed up my front RS-3's with less than 2000 miles, 1 autocross, and 30 minutes on track. I'm not proud, but it happened.

Now, it sounds like it is a simple fix. I just needed 2 front tires. Well, RS-3's were back ordered until mid July, and I couldn't wait. So I decided to get a set of BFG Rivals to finish out the season.

Here's how the car sits as of 8/1/13:

Fuel & Tuning:
  • Cobb AccessPort
Exhaust / Intake:
  • Stock downpipe
  • Stock exhaust with muffler removed
  • Prodrive intake
  • Stock
  • RCE Tarmac 2 - 600lb front/500lb rear springs
  • Kartboy endlinks - front and rear
  • Hawk HP+ pads - Front only, rears soon to go in.
  • StopTech Rotors
Wheels & Tires:
  • Enkei PRF1 (silver) in 17x9.5 +38 offset
  • 245/40/17 BFG Rivals
  • Stock
  • Stock
  • None
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • None
So, a big thanks to all the members and all the great info. If you're at an autocross in the Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, or Erie area, stop and say hello. I'll also be at the Wilmington Tour event this weekend. I'll keep an eye out for Yazel's and any other STi's out there.


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Very nice. How did you like the RS3s? Been debating between those or some of the new tires that came out on the market this year.
Hey... I know you... now :D

Your car looks GREAT and the mod list so far is very tasteful! Lets have some fun tomorrow!
It's always nice to put a face with a name, or a car Austin.

@1FSTREX: I didn't get alot of driving in on them to be able to compare against the BFG's. They definitely have a ton of grip, and are much cheaper than the rest. As far as all out performance, the concensus I've heard is that the RS3's are the most grippy when the ambient temps are hot. The Rival and Z2 perform better in the mid-range temp. I don't have anything to back that up, purely speculation and what I've heard from others.
I just got back from doing the Toledo Pro Solo and Wilmington National Tour and had a great mix of fun and frustration. Pro Solo is a blast, probably the most fun I've had autocrossing. The course was pretty simple, but had 2 or 3 challenging spots. The first part of the course was pretty much a drag race and I needed to shift to 3rd before I ever turned. I was the only STU car there, so I got bumped in with an HS Mini with 2 drivers, and a BS S2000 CR with 2 drivers. We were competing on PAX times. I ended up 1.4 seconds behind on the combined times, so about 0.7sec on each ~30 second course. Without having a larger front sway bar and keeping my somewhat soft damper settings, I'm having a terrible time with picking up a rear tire on tight turns. So there were 2 or 3 spots I really couldn't put the power down when I wanted. Aside from that, the car felt great. My best 60ft time was a 1.936 and I couldn't get better than a .609 reaction, so I left plenty of time out there. Overall, I was happy with my performance given my lack of prep and seat time.

Wilmington was a different story. First off, the site is incredible. If anyone has a chance to go, you should. The pad was a huge plot of sticky sticky concrete. This was only my second National tour, and I am still not prepared for it. I still peak in my 5th or 6th runs, not my 3rd which is the biggest hurdle. Due to my tire lift problems, I decided to stiffen up the front dampers to try and help combat it. It worked, but it was a trade off. The car understeered horribly with the stiffer settings. I spent my first run saturday plowing all over the course. 2nd run, I changed my inputs to prevent the understeer, but couldn't figure out the best shift points. 3rd run, I kept the understeer mostly in check, made good shifts, but apparently picked up a cone (still my fastest with the cone). So Saturday was very frustrating, and I finished near the back of the pack.

For sunday, I chose to leave the damper settings where they were. They are definitely not optimal, but I at least had a feel for them. I felt much more comfortable with the course reversed sunday, and was optimistic. First run, first big turn, the car cut out, stopped, and then revved back up. Didn't happen again for the rest of the run. My first thought was fuel slosh, but since it only happened once, I chalked it up to an anomoly. 2nd run, first turn, and the same thing happened. And then continued every turn for the rest of the course. Now I knew it was definitely fuel slosh. Luckily, someone had some fuel, so I splashed in a gallon. I guess 1 gallon was enough because it didn't happen on the 3rd run. So I was able to put down a decent 3rd run that landed mid-pack, but I know I was able to do better. Oh well. At least now I have a comparison to one of, if not the fastest STU car/driver in the country (Josh Luster). I went and filled up my tank afterwards and put in 13.4 gallons. So apparently, I need to keep 3-4 gallons in the tank.

There were 15 drivers in STU, and everyone was super friendly and it was a great class to compete in. Got a lot of good setup advice as well that I will hopefully be addressing soon. My next National event won't be until next year, so there's plenty of time.
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Nice wheels! ;)

Luster was up here for the devens match tour and since no one showed up for STU he switched to ASP. He came close to winning too :eek:
My home region had an event today, and I'm a little excited. After around 6 years, I finally got an FTD! Granted, the usual FTD car wasn't there today, but we would have still been close. Other than still lifting a rear tire, the car feels great. I have my dampers turned down to almost full soft and the car transitions so much better. I can toss the car in lane changes and slaloms and it just sticks. Hopefully, upgrading the front bar will get rid of the rear lift so I don't need to run super stiff on the settings. I think I'm a supporter of the soft spring, big bar camp, but we'll see.

Anyways, here's my fast run from today. It was run 11 of 12. I've got to start getting that fast run down to the first half of the day.

MBR Event 7 2013 FTD - YouTube
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