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Back windows question.

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I can't remember if the windows on the back doors of the STI go down all the way or not. I never paid attention. Mine don't. I know on most cars that the back windows only go down a certain depth for child protection or whatever they call it. But i thought i glanced back once and saw mine were all the way down. The reason i am asking this is because i had my stereo installed and i wanted to know if the windows were hitting the speakers or if they were only supposed to go down that far. Somebody wanna check their STI for me and let me know. Peace!!
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They cannot go down all the way given the door design. They might have told you that was due to 'child protection', but the window can't go down any further in the door because of the fender curve in the bottom of the door. That's the reason all back windows have that second little window piece.....so the window goes down at all!
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