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I dig your project. Here's a pic of mine :)

Image Link

I'm running a set of our lift spacers right now but building some Bilstein Motorsports Struts for the front and Bilstein ASNs for the rear. It'll be nice to have spring rate and ride height adjustment :tup:
You got a build thread on your 3rd gen XV? I wanna see the progress on those Bilsteins!

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lurking Subaru whore
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Despite the lack of updates, more parts are being gathered.

Stay tuned, I'll eventually picture-bomb the build thread with parts and hopefully (eventually) the installed parts.

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Well, what are they?
Quite a few things.

My Subaru XV Crosstrek is back with a vengeance!

So a summary of what got damaged/worn, as well what got installed:
* Endless MX72PLUS brake pads worn
* Crawford Performance Subaru FB20 engine air oil separator installed
* Factory Subaru Panasonic automotive lead-acid battery replaced with a Deka Ultimate 735MF
* I severely cracked one of the 16 inch Subaru Forester steel wheels and found out I cracked two other wheels, rendering the entire set of wheels unsafe to use
* I replaced the wheel and tire assemblies with the old set of stock 17 inch 2nd generation Subaru XV alloy wheels with the used Goodyear Eagle Sport tires
* Car got professionally detailed
* Endless CC-Rg brake pads installed with new cheap brake rotors
* I ripped the passenger side front LCA (lower control arm) off so badly it popped the halfshaft out and leaked out over a quart of the gear oil contained in the manual transaxle
* Said RF LCA damage also damaged the rear portion of the passenger side fender
* Suspension damage was a good enough excuse to get the Bilstein shocks [VE3-3295LJ (left front), VE3-3295RJ (right front), BE5-3296J (rear, qty 2 req'd)] Tomioka Racing TR-CS2000 suspension bushings, as well as the Subaru-branded STI Group N/Group R4 strut tower mounts P/N 20320FG012 (front, qty 2) and P/N 20370SG000 (rear, qty 2) installed as well as the replacement right front LCA installed P/N 20202FJ040

And that's the basic summary so far.

I got suggested to get "real" rock rails, as the current Primitive Racing rock sliders aren't doing a great job of protecting the seam weld of the unibody.

Other things in the future include summer tires (BFGoodrich g-force SPORT COMP-2), a set of winter-capable all-weather tires (Nokian WR G4), custom fuel tank skid plate, custom-mounted push bar (such as the Setina PB100 pushbar), Quik-Latch QL-25-SB securing the front fascia, and custom front brake ducting.

Sometime later expect a seriously-huge photo post.

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Wow, how did you rip out the LCA?
Well, let's factor all of this in:

I drive like an ***hole
I take my car to the touge and play wannabe rally driver/Initial D driver
I actually take my crossover off-roading, this car is not a pavement queen
I have jumped my cars enough times to have lost count


The promised photo post is here!

Crawford Performance AOS installed (what a pain, I never want to install one of these again)

Deka Ultimate battery installed

Endless CC-Rg brake pads


Subaru Forester 16" steel wheels cracked

stock 2nd gen Subaru XV wheels swapped back on with the old Goodyear Eagle Sport tires still on them

ripped RF LCA showing manual transaxle gear oil leaking and damaged right side fender





Bilstein shocks installed


And once again, my car is not being driven again. It is under a no-drive agreement until the local Subaru service center can get to it for the Subaru FB20 engine valve spring safety recall service...

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I've been driving it around as usual, which means often times a bit spirited.

Recent change was a reduction and reorganization of equipment carried, as well as an inclusion of a full-size spare tire conversion in place of where the original equipment compact spare once occupied.

However, this now renders my Cusco rear strut tower brace non-functional (the rear strut tower brace blocks the area where a full-size spare tire would normally be located, it squeezes down on the compact spare tire as-is).

Big news is, though, the Subaru XV will be getting new tires (4 new tires) and a new full-size spare tire to take the place of the old used one I bought a while back. Even better news is that I got a Setina pushbar and Quik-Latch products shipping in.

I'm also trying to convince a shop to custom fabricate integrated rock rails, fuel tank skid plate, and center floor skid plate.

Stay tuned. Just don't expect results immediately.

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Having fun with other fellow Subaru crossover drivers...

Especially a certain fellow who has lots in store for his Subaru XV Crosstrek...

I finally did the full-size spare tire conversion. It took me only, oh, an absurd 5 years of having the vehicle to actually get it done.

I even reorganized the cargo on top of the load floor. It's helluva lot cleaner.

The Subaru rear cargo tray now sits all weird with the full-size spare tire, since the load floor is higher than stock for USA-market models. I'm guessing countries which got the full-size spare tire don't have this problem for their rear cargo tray.

With the full-size spare tire conversion... the Cusco rear strut tower brace has had to be removed, as it sits right on top of the compact OEM spare tire. The mentioned fabrication shop will custom fabricate a new rear strut tower brace that will be able to use the old Cusco hardware.

No surprise, I also went out to have some real American fun with a fellow former servicemember.

The guns in their cases fit snugly in the back, just right.

And after shooting my pump-action shotgun in the wilderness, I went for a scenic mountain pass drive. Big mistake on a weekend with lots of traffic and clueless/incompetent drivers around me ruining the fun I was having.


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So once again, I'm not driving my car.

It's getting quite a few custom fabricated parts, almost all exclusively protection for off-road use and other heavy-duty and harsh use.

Future plans in question are here:
* custom fuel tank skid plate
I almost ripped my fuel tank open while off-roading. Inspiration was primarily from the Trailhawk-badged Jeep crossovers. The Jeep Renegade Trailhawk in particular (primarily competitor to Subaru XV/Subaru Crosstrek) is the primary inspiration.

* custom integrated-style rock rails (replaces exterior rocker panel black plastic trim)
Inspiration was primarily from the Trailhawk-badged Jeep crossovers, which Mopar offers OE-grade aftermarket rock rails that one can purchase from the dealer. The Jeep Renegade Trailhawk in particular (primarily competitor to Subaru XV/Subaru Crosstrek) is the primary inspiration.

* custom center floor skid plate
Inspiration was primarily from the Trailhawk-badged Jeep crossovers. The Jeep Renegade Trailhawk in particular (primarily competitor to Subaru XV/Subaru Crosstrek) is the primary inspiration, which does have this skid plate around the center of its floorboard. The intended mounting point is the center exhaust heatshield shround, or whatever it's called.

* custom rear strut tower brace (to accommodate full-size spare)
The Cusco rear strut tower brace is NOT compatible with a full-size spare, so I had to remove the bar, but left the rest of the hardware on the struts. The new unit that will be fabricated will have to angle over the full-size spare mounted where the compact temporary spare tire used to be mounted.

* custom-mounted Setina PB100 push bar
After several instances of where a pushbar would have significantly helped me in situations I found myself in, I'm going to get a police pushbar to improve my vehicle's ability to help other vehicles, as well as gives rescue vehicles an additional option to recover my vehicle in a vehicle-stuck situation.

* Cusco Reinforced Differential Carrier 6A1 489 A
This will replace the factory rear differential carrier to improve power delivery and reduce driveline slop and losses. NVH will suffer.

* Subaru XV logos on the doors 93079FJ100
The inner-ricer in me wants there to be XV logos on the side. Even with the body side moldings, it looks naked to me. My bank account will suffer such wasteful spending.

* Subaru Symmetrical AWD stickers on side windows 91572FE040
Look at my username, it's pretty self-explanatory. My bank account will suffer such wasteful spending.

* STI motorsport-grade engine and transmission mounts (trans mounts only compatible with manual transmissions)
- shifter bushing B0220FG300
- transmission mount D1010FE020
- pitching stopper/pitch stop mount D1040FE000
- D1010FE110 (RH) D1010FE120 (LH) *requires (2) nuts per mount, 902380007

Reduced engine and transmission assembly movement, reduce risk of bushing damage and failure, improve power delivery by reducing drivetrain losses. NVH will suffer, but durability and driving experience will improve.

* 4th generation Subaru WRX STI rear stabilizer bar (VA-chassis) 20451VA000 w/ 2 20464VA000 bushings
I want less body roll, and want to make the rear end a little more tail happy.

* RalliTEK 1/4" lift Sport springs
These will function more like the overload springs I initially purchased the Mann Engineering springs for. They should also provide significantly-better body control for spirited/emergency driving and reduce suspension sagging due to heavy loads over the stock springs.

* BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 summer high performance tires
I want to enjoy the twisty stuff and racetracks before I move out of California to a free state, while retaining a M+S rated tread. Yes, this is a summer tires with a mud and snow rated tread pattern. It's the standard Land Rover uses for choosing their OEM tires, even the summer tires, to fulfill their "standard" for what tires are deemed capable enough to exhibit every Land Rover's off-road capability. Once this summer tire is worn and/or damaged, I'll get an all-weather tire, as listed below.

* Toyo Tires Celsius CUV (after summer high performance tires worn/damaged)
I like the versatility of my Subaru subcompact crossover, my tires should reflect that too, with 3PMSF certified capability. The Toyo Tires Celsius CUV features deeper tread depth than regular Toyo Tires Celsius for better lifespan and off-road capability.

For those expecting quick results, don't hold your breath. As previous, it may take months until I get back into driving it on a regular basis. But for now, it has been in the hands of a trusted custom fabrication shop for weeks now, and possibly longer...

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Where do you buy your Endless brake pads? I've read about them for years, always wondering if they are worth the huge price premium. Do you buy directly from Japan?
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