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[2000 Subaru Outback journal at this link HERE]

Finally got a Subie again.

album link: My Car - Imgur

well since I KNOW I'm going to be modding this a little bit, and taking quite a few pictures, I decided to start a journal.

First, I'll post the pictures I've already uploaded so far.

OBJECTIVE: AWDfreak wishes to have a daily-driven Subaru vehicle that will fulfill the following wants/needs:
* fun-to-drive, regardless if on pavement or off-road
* adventure and emergency-ready

I'm going to make a small fraction of my silly list a reality in the upcoming months.

original (and obsolete) list:
My Subaru XV Crosstrek silly list 3-stage mod timeline

Initial mods:
* shock sensor
* engine block heater
* primitive racing skid plates
* UltraGauge OBD-II electronic parameter monitor
* DVR 027 720p in dash camera
* clear Headlight Armor for headlights

Stage 1:
* wheel locks
* blind-spot mirror attachment (for lane checking)
* battery warmer
* 110 Volt Power Outlet
* Tweeter Kit
* Upgraded Speakers
* Center Console Tray
* Cargo Net Rear
* Sunshade (windshield)
* Car Cover
* Car Cover Bag
* STI Flexible Strut Tower Brace
* STI Air Cleaner Element P/N ST1654621010 (if possible, can substitute with Cosworth P/N 2000227
or other dry high-flow filter
* Hawk HPS brake pads P/N front HB432F.661 or Brembo sport brake pads
* black-painted brake calipers
* yellow Headlight Armor for fog lights

Stage 2:
* Rear Vision Camera P/N H001SSC700 with compatible mirror such as Subaru OEM or OEM-supplier Gentex 50-GENK335S Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror w/ 3.3" Rear Camera Display & Compass
* All-Weather Floor Mats
* Anti-Slip Mat
* Rear Seat Back Protector
* door jam guards (anti-door ding) or custom anti-door ding door jam guards made of UHMW-PE with design consideration of aerodynamics and paint protection
* Rear Bumper Cover
* Body Side Molding
* Hood Protector
* Side Window Deflectors
* RallyArmor UR mudflaps or other rally-quality mud flaps w/ hook to retract for severe off-roading
* custom metal mesh fog light covers (imitates STI fog lamp covers on bugeyes that let light shine through while protect lights)
*** Subaru Bumper Corner Molds
* Cusco Front Strut Bar Type OS P/N (694 540 A)
* Cusco Rear Strut Bar Type OS P/N (694 541 A)
*** Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper or custom master brake cylinder brace (braces brake cylinder to rigid location such as strut tower mounts)
** STI Sports Oil Filter P/N ST15208ST000 [new FB-specific] or ST152084S000 [old Subaru-specific] (if possible)
** Idemitsu/Subaru Synthetic 0W-20 for daily driving; Elf Excellium NF/Total Quartz Energy 9000 in 5W-40 for heavy-duty urban;
Motul in 10W-40 "6100 Synergie+" for heavy-duty mountain pass, "300V CHRONO" for severe-duty off-road/rally/extended mountain pass drive
* Bosch Aeroblades/Icon windshield wipers
* upgraded PSX24W fog light bulbs such as PIAA, Hella, Sylvania, etc
** DOT 4 brake fluid such as Endless S-Four or Motul RBF 600 Factory Line
*** STI/Goodridge Stainless Steel Mesh Brake Hose Set P/N ST265504S010 Goodridge P/N SSU0700 or 24218 (if possible)
*** STI/Goodridge Stainless Steel Mesh Clutch Hose P/N ST372514S000 (if possible)
*** STI short-throw shifter for 5-speed manual (5MT) such as P/N C1010FA001 (if possible)
* Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch P/N 15801 (if possible)
* high-end Panasonic automotive battery or Deka battery (heavy-duty AGW battery)
* Tweeter Kit
* Upgraded Speakers
* Roof Spoiler
* FULL brake swap for full 2006-2007 WRX 4-pot brake conversion w/ custom silver-painted calipers w/ black Subaru logo
* custom motor oil cooler
* FULL NATURALLY-ASPIRATED ENGINE BUILD for 170-200 HP on FB20 with supporting mods such as hollow cams, port polish, headers, custom stainless steel exhaust, custom engine mapping, etc
* baffled engine oil pan and fuel tank
* FULL Subaru XV Hybrid steering system swap
* FULL Subaru XV Hybrid suspension swap
* all-terrain tires, Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S 215/65R16 tires with 2003 Subaru Forester 2.5X 16 inch steel wheels

Currently-installed modifications and accessories:
* Headlight Armor GT Yellow Subaru XV Crosstrek Fog Light Protection Kit P/N MA-SB019F-
* Rally Armor Subaru XV Crosstrek UR Mud Flaps Grey logo P/N MF26-UR-BLK/GRY
* Weathertech Subaru 2014 XV Crosstrek FloorLiner DigitalFit - Laser Measured, Black P/N 44439-1-2
* UltraGauge OBD-II reader Version EM1.2b
* Primitive Racing front skid plate (engine)
* Primitive Racing mid skid plate (transmission)
* Primitive Racing rear differential skid plate
* Sunshade (windshield) P/N SOA3991300
* Rear Seat Back Protector P/N J501SFJ600
* Rear Bumper Cover P/N E771SFJ400
* Body Side Molding P/N J101SFJ000TQ
* Hood Protector P/N E231SFJ000
* Side Window Deflectors P/N E3610FJ660
* Cusco Power Brace Rear Member (AKA Cusco パワーブレース リアメンバー) P/N 692 492 RM
* Cusco Strut Tower Bar (AKA Cusco ストラット タワー バー) P/N 694 540 A
* Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit P/N 24218-CL
* Whiteline Rear Differential Bushing Inserts P/N KDT903
* Whiteline Positive Traction Kit, Rear Diff Replacement P/N KDT905
* Engine block heater P/N A091SFJ000
* Cusco Strut Tower Bar (AKA Cusco ストラット タワー バー) P/N 694 541 A
* Cusco Power Brace Floor Center (AKA Cusco パワー ブレイス フロアー センター) P/N 692 492 C
* Primitive Racing Side Rails "rock sliders"
* RAM Mounts RAM POD I Universal No-Drill™ Vehicle Mount with 30" Rigid Aluminum Rod & Diamond Adapter Base P/N RAM-B-316-1-30-238U
* OEM Subaru rear fog light kit (not directly available in North America)
- rear fog light assembly
P/N 84913FG420
- rear fog light bulb
P/N 84920KE010
- wire harness
P/N 84981FG050
- (qty 2) bolt for rear fog light assembly
P/N 901000344
- (qty 2) nut for rear fog light assembly
P/N 907510032
* Subaru security shock sensor P/N H7110FJ200
*** Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper (aka master cylinder brace) P/N 6A1 561 ALHD
* STI Duracon Shift Knob P/N C1010FG310
* Subaru optional Roof Spoiler P/N E7210FJ600TQ w/ custom black gurney flap ["41 Inches BMW M3 Style Trunk Lip Spoiler" sold by burtonracing on ebay]
* metal mesh lower grille radiator guard (inspired by Kenya Safari Rally cars) - Amerimax LOCK-ON Gutter Guard 5 inch steel gutter screen, 3 feet - black P/N 441-503 fastened with six black non-removable zip ties
* thicker replacement windshield, 2015+ XV Crosstrek Limited (and higher trim levels such as Hybrid and Hybrid Touring) acoustic windshield P/N 65009FJ280
- w/ windshield molding trim piece P/N 65058FJ000
* Cusco Quick Release Lever AKA Cusco クィックリリースレバー P/N 00B 540 C
* 110 Volt Power Outlet P/N H7110FJ001
* RAM Universal X-Grip Cell/iPhone Cradle Part# RAM-HOL-UN7BU
* Endless MX72PLUS brake pads P/N front EP386, rear EP418 [Endless pad part numbers listed are applicable to all compounds] - (the pad part numbers are applicable to all fourth generation Imprezas, second generation Subaru XV based on fourth generation Impreza, and fourth generation non-turbo Foresters, pad shape is the same for front and rear)
- paired with Subaru brake rotors labeled "Made in Japan", front P/N 26300SA001, rear P/N 26700FJ000
* ATE Typ200 DOT 4 racing brake fluid
* Motul 8100 5W40 X-CESS fully synthetic engine oil
* Subaru BUSHING-TRANSVERSE LINK,FRONT . P/N 20204AJ000 [replaces where Whiteline W0506 was previously installed]
* Subaru BUSHING-TRANSVERSE LINK,REAR . P/N 20204AG011 [replaces where Whiteline KCA334 was previously installed]
* Subaru Forester (SG chassis) OEM steel wheels P/N 28111SA002
* Goodyear Eagle RS-A Plus Police OEM high-performance all-season tires in 225/60R16 product code 732-354-148; alt product code 732-354-500 (alt product code may not be RS-A Plus specifically, but rather the regular version RS-A)
* Subaru Forester center cap assembly-steel wheel P/N 28821SA020 - qty 4

Emergency kit:
* Chinook Medical Gear Bleeding & CPR Basic Kit Product No. #01428RD
* Chinook Medical Gear Home & Vehicle Kit Product No. #01374RD
* Craftsman Industrial 77 PC. Mechanics' Tool Set - All Metric #29769
* Orion 30 MINUTE 6-PACK Retail Packaged Emergency Road Flares
* Subimods Fire Extinguisher Bracket 2015-2016 WRX / STI SKU: SM-EXT-BRK/VA
with H3R Performance - MX250 Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher - Red (Model MX250R)
* Deflecto Safe-Lite Early Warning Triangle Kit (contains 3 triangles) P/N 73-0711-00
* Cyalume Technologies 10" Flare Alternative P/N 9-27047
* flexible recovery ramps
* 2 D-ring shackles
* 20 ft recovery strap
* Subaru Severe Weather Companion P/N SOA868V9500
* Vaughan Solid Steel Campe Axe With Sheath SKU AS1-1/4
* Deka commercial service booster cables P/N 00158
* Silky Super Accel 210 straight blade folding saw P/N 119-21

This list is subject to continuous change as AWDfreak sees fit

My Subaru XV Crosstrek (that actually exists now) modification and accessory wishlist:

Awaiting installation soon:


Awaiting long-term installation:
* Mann Engineering Lift Springs P/N MESUBRS-GPXVC; SKU ME0172
* Mann Engineering Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the XV / Crosstrek P/N MESUB-SSBL-GPXV-BLK
* Bilstein shocks
- VE3-3295LJ (left front)
- VE3-3295RJ (right front)
- BE5-3296J (rear, qty 2 req'd)
* Subaru XV Hybrid/XV Crosstrek Hybrid rear stabilizer bar P/N 20451FG010 (18 mm diameter vs gasoline/petrol model's 16 mm diameter)
- Subaru 18 mm stabilizer bar bushings P/N 20464FG010 (qty 2)

Emergency kit additions:
* FLEX-TRAX SnoClaws size 2 winter traction device


* updated front door checker mechanism P/N 61124FJ001 (old, outdated, defunct, superceded P/N 61124VA000)


* STI Radiator Support Bushings
P/N B4510FG000 (Kit includes 4 pieces)

* STI Crossmember Bushing Kit
P/N B4100FG000

* STI Lateral Link Bushing (Front)
P/N B0220FG100 (2 required)

Whiteline bushing delete (return to Subaru stock bushings)
* Subaru BUSHING ASSEMBLY-DIFFERENTIAL MOUNTING R. P/N 41322AG000 [replaces where Whiteline KDT903 was]
* Subaru DIFFERENTIAL MEMBER ASSEMBLY-FRONT . P/N 41310AG031 [replaces where Whiteline KDT905 was]

* 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series installed on door edges, door handle cavity, rocker panels, tailgate edges and roof

* Project Mu Sports Inner Shoe (GP) GRB/GVB P/N IS901 or Endless Type-SS Competition-Only E-Brake Shoes
* custom blacked-out inner-portion of headlights (and/or swap in 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Special Edition lamp assemblies)
* Headlight Armor Clear Subaru XV Crosstrek Headlight Protection Kit P/N MA-SB019H- (after getting 2015 Special Edition headlights or headlight assembly chrome accents blacked out)
* battery warmer P/N J601SFJ000
* custom fabricated stiffer rear floor stays (replaces stock P/N 52168FJ0109P LH, 52168FJ0009P RH)

* Deka Ultimate battery P/N 735MF [CCA: 640; CA: 785; Reserve Capacity: 95; OE Group: 55D23L] (heavy-duty non-AGM battery, OE CCA 390 compared to Deka Ultimate CCA 640)
* Tweeter Kit H631SFJ100
* Upgraded Speakers P/N H631SFJ000

Post-warranty mods:
* STI トレーリングリンクセット [STI Trailing Link Set] P/N ST20250MF000
* STI ラジエーターキャップ [STI Radiator Cap] P/N ST4511355010
* Smittybilt License Plate Light Mount [P/N 2815]
* PIAA 510 SMR Fog XTreme White Plus Halogen Lamp Kit [P/N 05190] w/ PIAA H3 Night Tech Twin Pack Halogen Bulbs [P/N 10703]
* custom radiator cooling fan cutoff switch
* custom rear differential breather extension (raised to same height/level or higher than air intake)
* Borla Rear Section Exhaust part # 11843 or STI Sports Muffler (AKA STI スポーツマフラー) P/N ST44300MF010 [requires new exhaust gasket A P/N 44011AE010, self locking nut P/N 902350001 qty 2]


lurking Subaru whore
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lurking Subaru whore
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I was in dire need of a journal. I've done enough stuff to require an online means of record keeping, since I've had too many hard drives crash on me.

And I think I take the cake as being the only IWSTI member to have a Crosstrek journal :D

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Some pics I decided to upload.

These pics are at Panoche Road, one of only a handful of public dirt roads remaining in the state of California.

Some shots of Mount Hamilton Road, California State Route 130. I was heading westbound towards San Jose.

overlooking the South Bay

Summit Road, another one of only a handful of public dirt roads remaining in the state of California. However, it has a private road terminus, making it illegal to actually drive to Santa Cruz through this way.

These pics are overlooking what I believe is Santa Cruz. The road follows the general county line between Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County.

Here's a video of Summit Road from Soquel San Jose Road junction heading eastbound.
Summit Road eastbound from CA SR-17 to private road section terminus - YouTube

My findings of what the unibody looks like from the cargo area partially stripped. These two structural braces are also on my little brother's Impreza.

And here are my new Cusco parts installed!

* Cusco Power Brace Rear Member (AKA Cusco パワーブレース リアメンバー) P/N 692 492 RM

/\/\ passenger side /\/\
\/\/ passenger side, in relativity of differential, sway bar, etc \/\/

/\/\ driver side /\/\

* Cusco Strut Tower Bar (AKA Cusco ストラット タワー バー) P/N 694 540 A

/\/\/\/\/\ This area is a problem point, a 12 mm deep socket is required to reach the fastener closest to the brake fluid to comfortably tighten.

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Good to see that you're back with Subaru...but but but, XV Crosstrek?

J/K my wife and I crossed shopped the XV earlier this year and decided that we would be better off with something simpler.

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Good to see that you're back with Subaru...but but but, XV Crosstrek?

J/K my wife and I crossed shopped the XV earlier this year and decided that we would be better off with something simpler.
I'm enjoying every driving second of having a Subie again :)

I think with my enthusiasm for off-road adventure, it was an obvious choice.

Besides, insurance and fuel costs are still too much for me at this point in my life..

Someday... I WILL lift a GR and truly stand out from the crowd of other STI's. I'll make it a rally/off-road vehicle.

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Cusco rear strut tower brace pictures.

Installing this strut tower brace will make removal of the spare tire almost impossible without an 8mm hex wrench and 17mm combination wrench to remove one of the bolts of the brace for access to the spare tire.

trimming of interior parts may be necessary if you wish to have a clean look

I opted to have the brace under, rather than over, my factory carpet cover. I used a box cutter to remove the thick plastic layer where the strut bar lies. The glue is surprisingly strong, but with perseverence and a bit of forceful strength, plucking it away is possible without cutting the carpet material.


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I installed the following part:

* Cusco Power Brace Floor Center (AKA Cusco パワー ブレイス フロアー センター) P/N 692 492 C

English installation instructions

The floor brace is entirely compatible with the Primitive Racing transmission and engine skid plate. However, I cannot confirm if it is compatible with the Primitive Racing side rails (rock sliders). Install took a few hours due to not having a lift nor the best variety of tools. Multiple metric sockets, a hammer (or lineman's pliers), a short socket wrench extension, phillips head screwdriver, a 4.5mm hex wrench, and an 8mm hex bit socket are required for installation.

Before attempting installation, make sure to support the transmission crossmember with a jack stand.

THE PLASTIC UNDERBODY AERO PANELS MUST BE REMOVED, so this installation may reduce MPG. Cutting the plastic aero panels will not be optimal unless redesigned to direct air similar to the way the original design did.

I have yet to evaluate the handling impact (probably minimal), but install took much longer due to having the Primitive Racing engine and transmission skidplates installed. The engine skid plate gets in the way of the jack plate behind the oilpan, and the transmission skid plate gets in the way of a jack stand supporting the center of the front transmission crossmember.

Honestly, I'm just happy this part is compatible with all my skidplates.

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I was in dire need of a journal
nd I think I take the cake as being the only IWSTI member to have a Crosstrek journal
i think your right on both counts, freak. coolerthanshit, too.

lurking Subaru whore
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