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I'm trying to set-up a dyno day in Parker, CO. This is an email I received from Bill of MAC Autosports:

Bill McMahan
MAC Autosport, Ltd
6268 E. Pine Lane (S.E. corner of Pine Lane and Parker Rd, 1st light S. of E-470) 303-841-1176

Scuba Steve and ALL,
Contact me for details on block time on the dyno. Breaks for time starts @ 3 hour blocks or more, and the mix of single axle to AWD cars in your group. Once your group is defined(and the cost for the block), you can split up the cost to the group members any way you like.
Please let me know if any cars will run leaded race gas - there is a surcharge of $10 per hour for cars running leaded race gas, that wish to utilize the Wideband A/F (severely shortens the life of the sensor).
Please, by all means, feel free to post on other boards to get the word out, and gather your group. The 25th is fine. As far as time goes, we can pull-on, position, and strap down a car in less than 10 minutes (more like 5). Our Dynojet is in-ground, so we don't have a lift to slow things down, and we don't have to take your wheels off. When we direct you onto the dyno, you stay in the car, and we strap you down, give a short instruction, and hand you the control pendant (unless you don't want to operate, in which case we will do the run for you..) Most likely you will have the first run completed in about 10 minutes. The MAC advantage is better throughput - more runs in less time. If you have 10 vehicles, 5 hours would give each vehicle at least 3 pulls, more likely 4.

With that said I would like to keep this to AWD vehicles only just to make cost easier. I want this to happen on Saturday the 25th of October, this gives people plenty of time to get ready. All I want to do is baseline pulls (3-4) with no major tuning. 6 cars will take about 3 hours and this will give us a discount of $150 an hour or $75 each car which includes wideband. Lets start a list of who's in:D

Price has been reduced! $45 each car!
Max amount of cars will be 16, so sign up. Keep in mind this is posted on other boards, I will try to keep every list updated.
The shop opens at 10am, I will be there at 9:00am so first come first serve.

1. Scuba Steve (Steve)
2. Ronin2121 (Todd)
3. wonderspark (Marcus)
4. heckvr4 ( hecktor)
5. Grifter MP5 (Josh)
6. Fuquad (Matt)
7. Those Meddling Kids (Adam)
8. wrxnate (Nate)
9. 2fastNturn (Seth)
10. Pang (Not my car, my inlaws)
11. 95vr-4 (Ryan)
12. WRblue'02 (Dennis)
13. yxan2 (Daniel)
14. Feared (Dustin)
15. Patrick W.
16. Cartman (KC)
17. MtnManWRX (Kory)
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