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I was surfing the net looking for new STI products and came across a company advertising this specially designed for the STI

AVO Solid Response Boost Controller
Raises boost from stock 14.5 to 15.5 lbs and keeps the boost from falling off at higher RPMs. It is custom made for the STI and isn't just a universal boost controller. This is a very reliable system and a lot of performance for the money. You will need a boost gauge in the car to initially adjust it.
Part# sposbc
Price $325.00 Order Item

Now AVO advertises an AVO actuator that does this same thing. However, they do not list if it is compatible with the STI. I think it only goes up to the 2003 WRX.

Now I know many of you think it is a rip off and that if one was considering this product, they should simply by a manual boost controller. So please do not spout how much of a looser I am for even considering this over the MBC.

Does anybody know if the actuator on the WRX is any different than the one on the STI? Does anyone know if these products look different than stock so if one were to drive into a dealership would they notice?

Thank you for any of your feedback.
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