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Hey All!
Just got my new AutoWeek today and great Sti article then some comparisons with Evo of course.Here are there numbers-

STi Evo
0-60 4.78 5.19
1/4 mile [email protected] [email protected]
490 ft salom 47.0 mph 48.01mph
200 ft skidpad .88g's .91g's
0-60 braking 114 feet 100 feet

By the way they loved both cars!Also said STi better street car once again!

Brian Ichter
Secor Subaru
New London,CT 860-442-2323

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STi's are in Calgary!!!

Yeah, the article is really good. PLUS, there's some more good pics of the test runs!

...., Did you see the person driving???? :eek:

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