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Australian WRX STi price = 31k in US $$$

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Hopefully this isn't old news. Here's the recently released Aus-spec '03 STi.


Its price translates into 31k. Notice that the Aus-spec 5mt WRX translates into $23,950, which suggests that the current 32k price prediction may be spot on. I think 30,995 would be ok by me. Even 31,995, as long as AVCS, twin scroll, quality seats, brakes, and other goodies are included. Sure beats trying to upgrade a WRX and jeaopardizing the factory warrentee.

Incidentally, I sent my pre-order deposit in today for an STi from Vally Motors in MD. :D

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I noticed the specs said it weighs 1,470KG (approximately 3,240 pounds). Isn't that a bit hefty for an STi :roll: ? I was hoping for the STi to weigh no more than 100 pounds over the WRX.
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