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*thanks* for the link. the accessories page is interesting in that it shows the bugeyes and the new style headlights. i hope that clear bonnet protector is available here. and that pdf is awesome. i hope they make that for the my04!

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You can get similar info on the UK STi at

Here's something to think about

If you buy the STi Type UK and get the Prodrive performance pack the BHP/Torque are bumped up to almost exactly those of the US STi. So depending on the weight difference of the 2.0L vs 2.5L and other different items then the performance of the US STi should not be far off the following


STi Performance Pack
This pack raises Peak Power to 305ps (300bhp) @ 6000rpm - a 15% increase.
Peak torque is now 405Nm (299lbft) @ 4000rpm
The car now has more torque between 3000 and 5800rpm than the std car has at it's peak figure. At 2500rpm it has nearly 30% more torque than the std car and 20% more at 3000rpm.
Parts changed are as follows-
Revised EMS (Engine Management System)
High flow catalyst
Sports silencer
Performance figures-
0-60 = 4.62 secs Vs 5.17 secs (std car)
0-100 = 12.20 secs Vs 13.69 secs (std car)


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I checked the pricing of the Australian STi and compared it to their WRX...29% more...if SOA has a similar pricing structure, then our STi will be 31,335...right where we predicted.
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