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The System 400 Group Buy | 2008-2014 WRX/STI Hatchback!

• Multi-channel 32-Bit DSP Power Amplifier: 360 Watts RMS (@ 2-ohms)
• Vehicle-specific Subwoofer System: 8" Dual Voice-Coil / 14 liter sealed enclosure
• Dedicated sub amplifier: 130 Watts RMS (@1-ohm)
• Factory speaker optimization
• Vehicle-specific acoustic tuning
• Plug and Play installation (No splicing or cutting)

Many Subaru Owners have experienced our products for Toyota/Scion, they have demanded we bring our sound solutions to the Subaru brand of vehicles. We are stoked to launch by producing a solution for the 2008-2014 WRX Hatchback!! (Sedan coming soon). 10 Users needed to activate the deal:$899 (Shipped)

Let us know you're interested by Replying to this Thread. ALL QUESTIONS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED.

Quick Links:
Product showcase on iwsti
Product on O+ Store
O+ on Instagram
O+ on Facebook

• 2008-2014 Subaru WRX/STI - Hatchback

System 400 | Group Buy Pre-Order Pricing (Up to 25 orders) $899 (+tax to California Residents) Kits will ship in 3-4 weeks. Updates on the status of each order will be provided weekly: kits are made-to-order.
** Retail/MSRP: $1099**

Where to buy:
The below link will take you directly to each product page on the O+.com store:
System 400 | WRX Hatchback
- 6 Month Financing available through PayPal Bill Me Later (More Details)

3 year / 36,000 Miles from the date of receipt (operational failure). All components are subject to co-exchange. We stand by the quality and functionality of all O+ systems whether install at your dealership or D.I.Y.

System 400 price includes standard ground freight in the continental US ONLY. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and any International order will have additional freight charges. Shipping quote available via: [email protected]

Let us know if any questions or requests!!
See the Full Product showcase on iwsti.com with Specs

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Placed my order:
Invoice# 0000001433

Let me know what extra to throw at you as I'm in Canada.

Good job guys, I know how hard it is to find and then order the proper connectors!!!

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System 400 orders from another thread ;)

Sign me up! Adding a powered sub to the stock system alone does not cut it.
Order placed.
Order placed as well. Looking forward to it!
Update for all Early Adapter Participants:

Wiring Harnesses are complete and undergoing testing. Sub enclosure has been made and are queued for painting. Amplifier assembly and sub brackets are currently being produced.

Step by step installation video will be up sometime next week!!

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I've just completed installation and a day's driving and listening to music.

I can sum it up thusly: My three year old and I had a dance party beside the car after her dance class, and when we got home, after driving around the block slowly so she could hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Daddy, the "Momma Mia Momma Mia" Song!) for the second time, she asked when she could listen to the music in my car next.

This system clears up the sound as you'd expect externally amplified systems to do, but at a fraction of the cost. It does it without requiring configuring line level outputs, or fiddling with figuring out how to remote power and hide your amps. All the thinking has been done, and it all fits perfectly. The sub is a piece of art, and easily "worth" half the cost of this kit.

Now it's not a ground pounding 1000W 15" sub, but once I boosted the bass on the head unit, the entire car was rocking with the bass; rear view mirror? forget about it. This thing can really pound out the bass. Being a sealed enclosure, it's really responsive and snappy bass too, which adds to the whole clean and clear effect of externally amplifying the door speakers.

The way I look at it (from Canada):
$250 for a 4 channel amp of similar spec
$200 for a similar spec sub amp
$300 for comparable vehicle specific sub box
$250 for similar sub with CF cone
$200 for a DSP
Wiring? At least $200 in power wiring, line level wiring, and speaker wiring for the 4-channel, and at least another $100 for the sub amp power, line, and speaker wiring.
Then you have to mount this stuff (sub box, amps). $???
Then you have to spend the time doing the wiring and mounting. My time is worth a lot to me.
So for $900 I got a system that to me was worth way over $1500, and most importantly, was easy to install, compared to the alternatives.

Some installation notes. Be sure to have some tools handy to pry off the internal pieces. I spend $8 on replacing some pieces I broke. You don't really need to take the whole climate control unit and bezel out, as you can fish the wires behind the dash from the side fairly easily. You also don't need to remove the speedo hood or the bezel with your light dimmer switch / VDC control on it, if you don't want to. Removing things does make it easier, but it's all doable without removing what I mentioned. Also, be careful running the sub wires such that the seats won't pinch the wires when you put them down / up later.

That's it.

Zero buyer's remorse here. I love it.:tup:
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