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DVTURK said:
This article is a bit old but brings up some good points==>http://www.spdusa.com/new_page_6.htm

But I still want mine :p
Yea. read it a few months age... this is the best part - it justifies a larger displacement engine...
There is no way Subaru will get 280hp RELIABLY from our 91/93 octane gas from a two liter engine and meet emissions, and what especially difficult to achieve is the enormous midrange torque of the EJ207 where detonation on our gas is most likely to occur. This engine in Japan, with the new variable valve timing, well, when it gets to about 3000 rpm it is like being shot out of a cannon. If Subaru does make a US model STI version, I would hope it would have the 2.2 or better displacement with 270-275hp, but do not take odds on it. It is more likely to be two liter rated between 260 and 270 hp with OK midrange torque, but an unannounced ability to run much stronger on 96 octane gas, if you can find and afford it on a regular basis.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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