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Argh, Please give advice.

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:evil: Here is my dilemna. The local dealer is getting one maybe two STI's. I have been in contact with a salesperson I trusted for over a year now and they assured me that I didn't need to put any money down at the time and that I had first right of refusal. Today she called me to let me know that I need to go ahead and put 1k down now that others are asking about it...no problem I thought. She also told me at this time that the dealer will probably be tacking on a 5k markup. This is the same amount that this chain of dealers tacked on to the S2000. Although their S2000's came with all kinds of extra crap like spoilers and pinstripes. If the STI msrp's at 28-31k then I can deal with the markup although I certainly would rather not. The problem lays in the fact that I did not get on other lists, and stupid me didn't get an msrp guarantee in writing. Your suggestions? Bite the bullet and take what I get? Tell them to stick their markup and not be able to get one for another year? Find a dealer that nobody knows about that is willing to offer msrp and doesn't have anyone on their list? (Yeah right) Argh! I suck! :evil:
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Even to this day, S2000s have that 5k markup. Well, do you seriously need to get the STI when it comes out? You need to weigh your priorities. Personally, it is a matter of principle and i wouldn't pay 5k over msrp.
Remember that with a markup, you are not financing that markup. It is literally like handing the dealership the x amount for nothing.

If you really really want the car, couldn't one just wait to save the 8k? I mean, 8k is a lot of mods for that car.
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