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I am running APS's 3" TBE along with their headers, and was thinking about turbo upgrades. But as you all know, with the current crop of rotated set ups, I would basically be losing my headers (because of the proprietary uppipe) and downpipe, so that didn't leave many options. I thought about a bolt on, but again, if I went to a EWG, I would be losing my headers.

Then I read about APS's TSR70 rotated setup, due out by 11/06. Read through all the posts on Nasioc, and shot an email to Peter at APS. This is what he had to say:

have a USDM 2006 STI 2.5L. I have your 3” turbo back exhaust (with high flow cat), and your equal length header system.

I was going to upgrade my turbo, and am seriously thinking about your TSR70 rotated turbo set up, primarily because I would like to keep your headers and downpipe. My questions:

1)which FMIC do you recommend with this system, the DR525 or 725?
2)Which EWG valve do you recommend? I believe Tial is the popular choice, but that comes in 2 sizes (38 or 44mm)?
3)What size fuel injectors are recommended for these (max flow recommended)? I was thinking about the Nismo 740cc injectors
4)I assume the TGV deletes are mandatory with this system?
5)What is the estimated date that this system will be out?
6)What are typical horsepower (crank or wheel power) of this system?
7)Is this system ok to run on stock internals, rather than a built block?

1)The DR 725 as that cooler is designed for 70+ lbs per minute mass air flow delivery with low pressure drop. .

2)The TSR 70 turbo system is complete with a 44 mm Tial waste gate.

3)I feel you would need larger than 740 cc injectors though that will depend on your engine efficiency and fuel supply system/fuel pressure.

4)That I’m not sure about though it would make sense to move all restrictions in the intake manifold.

5)I’d guess late Nov if all goes to plan, I think it will.

6)That depends entirely on the engine combination/efficiency, fuel octane and engine tuning.

7)Again, that depends on how far you intend going, how much HP you’re trying to generate, if I was running a bone stock engine I would not run more than 18 PSI and that’s on high octane fuel with meth injection to keep charge air temp to a minimum and to avoid engine knock/detonation.

Hope that helps and feel free to use this info to update fellow forum members.

Hope this info helps out any fellow members with a similar setup, and thinking about a rotated set up that allows us to keep everything. I have heard some mixed reviews about APS turbos and their power ratings, but so far everything I have from them have been of good quality, without problems. And I know that their cars can run fast, as Big Valley Racing in Puerto Rico consistently puts out potent numbers and 1/4 miles on their APS turbo cars...

Nasioc thread here: http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?p=15253545#post15253545


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I love the setup, but the TSR70 turbo is too big for me. I need something in the range of 50-55lbs.

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