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Anyone with XXR 530 18x9,75?

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Anyone here that has fitted XXR 530s 18x9,75 ET20? I have a 06 Sti with rolled + pulled front fenders and pulled rear.

Are they going to fit and do they clear Brembos? If anyone has pics please upload :D

I was also thinking of Enkei RPF1s 18x10 ET38, does anyone have pics of them fitted on a hawkeye?
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Re: Re: Anyone with XXR 530 18x9,75?

If you can afford a GT3, you can afford Enkei's :tup:

Pics of GT3 NAO :D
I concur. Pics meow.

Butt posted from my Galaxy Note II
Sorry to disappoint you guys, but i do not own a GT3... yet. I hope that i can afford one in the near future tho :D

These are my cars :D

So how would the Enkeis fit on my car? Rolled + pulled fenders as i said, and im also going to change my H&R springs for coilovers.
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