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Hello Subaru Fanatics,

Though as a killer b fan (Currently own a oil pick up) thought about getting the KB Baffle, however the shop highly suggested a Moroso Oil pan/pickup due to its trap door mechanism. I will be seeing a few track days a year and with long bends they state that Moroso's design is great for those reasons. They ended up persuading me to get an aluminum Moroso set up on the spot.

My questions
How much lighter is the aluminum vs the steel (This was a 300$ difference)
Is the aluminum really worth 300$? I didn't get to do my research upon making the order.
Its a silly question, but 90% of me is saying it was not worth it because whats 10lbs really going to do...

After doing some research i also saw threads(Mainly back in 2010 and prior) that the Moroso had an oil leak problem and also our dipstick had an issue due to the travel, also mentioning there was an adapter that fixed this case(Which some replied didn't fix the issue) but not seeing many reviews about them now a days makes me slightly worried. Assuming 8 years by now that those issues were addressed?

Lastly, what about the trap doors? Does over time the thickness of the oil build up enough where the trap doors have issues opening/closing? I saw a "Improved Racing" oil pan with the same concept and i believe their trap door are just about slits/openings for the oil to go towards the sides and keep the oil mainly in the middle for the pick up. I was thinking that Moroso would be the same concept but after seeing a few videos that there are actual hinges...would this cause an issue over time?

Not to include that not many vendors carry these for 2015s...Even thinking 08+ would be compatible but not even seeing many sales..even on Moroso's website.

For those whom had/know/heard of the Moroso Oil Pan, please provide opinions/thoughts/reviews?..I need some comfort after seeing such bad reviews almost a decade ago..

Thank you in advance

P.S. Im sorry KB, ill pick up a holy header soon though..

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Don't be sorry. We get a lot of Moroso customers. It's one of the reasons we have the success we do. In regards to the pans, it's mostly due to the function (or not functioning) of the trap door. Some shops do push them as they have waaay higher margins than we can provide our dealers.

There are some data logs floating around from some time-attack guys that have charts showing pressure fluctuations with the Moroso pan, and then repeat the same event with our stuff and no pressure issues. Our sump is good to about 1.6Gs, which is a good bit above where the Moroso provides benefit. Additionally, using our Oil Control Valve you will be good to +1.8Gs sustained. We've not seen and Subaru powered car exceed these lateral forces including open class time-attack and 818R race cars. No one else can make this claim, and I certainly would be a fool to make such a claim if it weren't true.

In regards to trap doors I'm not even going to go into 'how to design a Subaru oil pan' unless there are some requests for comparison. We don't use them for a reason. One is that it's another part that can fail/stick. Two, it's not necessary per the layout and design of the Subaru EJ oiling setup. And Three, we have track data showing it's less effective.

As far as steel vs aluminum it depends on which version of aluminum. The older version with the trap door, is not that much lighter than the steel version; which is near identical to the 'newer' (AKA: knock-off of Killer B) aluminum oil pan. Comparing those two, there is a decent weight difference, but in all honesty, the weight is down really low.

The older trap door style Moroso had very poor dipstick tube problems because they used some universal dipstick setup. They leaked horribly and were not accurate as well as they are very easy to install at varying depths into the pan. The newer design they have (again, knock off of ours) uses the OEM dipstick tube setup (just like us) and likely works better. Ours has no issues, so I would assume they copied that part just as well as the rest.

I would recommend NOT using the studs they provide. They make the install more difficult and are known to loosen. Use bolts and don't even think about using the crappy cork gasket they provide that looks like it should be used on a 57' Chevy. Toss is and get some decent liquid adhesive gasket. It works way better. Also, be sure to check the flatness of the flange as they have a decent window of 'acceptable level of flatness'. Grinding the flanges after welding appears to be a step they decided not to follow compared to ours.

The trap door style Moroso pan will also severely limit your header selection. It was designed back when really no one made headers for these engines. Ours certainly won't fit, as won't most mainstream headers.

If you want to know the difference in pickups, we have that well documented as well ;)
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