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Hey everyone!

Just came across this site today while looking for more info on the STi. I've been planning on getting a WRX next spring, and while looking at some magazine coverage earlier I stumbled across a note about the STi (which I had never heard of until that point).

So I did a little bit of research online, and after seeing what this vehicle is all about, I just HAVE to get one! :wink:

A few general questions if I may though - are dealers really taking preorders for this right now? From everything I've read online, it still hasn't been officially announced, although all signs are pointing to this being released. And if so, anyone know of any dealers in the northwestern PA/eastern OH area I should get in touch with?

Also, how soon (in general) does one need to get in a preorder on a vehicle that might now show up until the 2nd quarter of next year? How does that affect payments and such?

Anyway, sorry about the newbie questions. Now that I know about the STi though, I'll be keeping a close watch on developments so that I can, with any luck, be driving one of these babies myself come next Spring!
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