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Anyone else with stage 2 aem + viper?

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Ok so I'm stage 2 flashed with the aem Cobb ots map... Yes I know I should be getting a protune but I have a serious question.... When I go to auto start now with my viper it won't start it'll catch three times and then give up... Anyone else have this problem? Should I just go back to the stock intake box? Car drives very well but this really bothers me cause come winter time I hate coming out to a cold car and want to get this fixed from now
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That's strange. Did the AP adjust the idle speed at all? I have a Viper alarm myself, and wondering if anyone has experienced that. Are you using a spare key or an immobilizer bypass?
It worked, you reflashed the ECU, and it stopped working? It starts fine with the key?
First put the Viper into diagnostic mode. Your LED will flash a code after a failed remote start that you look up in the manual.
Failing that, I would retrain the immobilizer bypass. Was it setup to crank for a specified time (lazy way) or to read the RPMs to confirm the engine is running?
Which Viper is it?
I used the valet key for the alarm... The viper is the newest two way model with the screen on it I forgot exactly which model... It was working perfectly fine with the stock box but on cold start when the temps were below 50 it was taking a quite a few cranks and even with the key it will crank a handful of times which I can see why the viper won't start... I'm debating just going back to the stock box... Do you guys have this set up?
I got the alarm installed at nj boom boom... Also have it set up so it won't start if the car is in gear
sounds to me like they set up the start up for a specified time.
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