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Anyone else having a rough idle?

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I have about 1100 miles on my STi now. It has been very hot and humid here lately.. 90-100 degrees farenheit. When I have the car parked and just sitting there letting the engine idle for a while.. the engine will rumble randomly.. Could this be detonation? I never notice a change in rpm when at idle.. it always stays at 500 rpm even if it rumbles (shakes the car slightly) or if I have the air conditioning on or off.

I am using 93 octane pump gas.. I notice this happening whether or not I've used a bottle of octane booster or not.

I have not noticed detonation happening under hard acceleration yet.. although I've yet to go past 6000 rpm.. and even then only during a slow pull at high speed in 5th or 6th gear.
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my 1979 Buick Park Avenue idles really rough, the entire car shakes slighty... i also run very rich... when i first start up the car and warm it up you can smell the exhaust...

just one more year till i get an sti next summer, sigh...
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