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Any dealers in Atlanta?

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I wanted to put down a refundable deposit on an Sti here in Atlanta. Only one dealer got back to me, Ed Voyles Subaru, and said their deposit was $500 non-refundable. :evil: Any one else around here had any luck? I want to make sure it is refundable because I definately want twin-scoll.

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Your best bet is to consult our official dealer list. There are a small selection of dealers now, that will grow. My reccommendation based on your location is either:

1) Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado (they won't ship, you have to pick up the car, but I personally endorse them as treating you right)

2) Mastro in Florida. They are a little less of a drive and have made the three promises to get on the list.

If you so have a dealer in Atlanta that you find, tell them to get ahold of me on the site so I can put them on the list.

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