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After owning some Hella Supertones, I wanted to try something else out with a different and more agressive sound. Yes, the Hella's are pretty loud but they still have that small car sound.

I started looking at some other horns on the market. I found this on Ebay for $35.

They're suppose to be 139db
But if you go to the manufacture website:
click on products, electropneumatics, Nautilus
You will see under Tech Info that they are 115db 2 meters away and 139db 4 inches away. Still pretty loud and I was digging that exotic air horn sound.

At Harbor Freight, I noticed they had this horn which looked just like the one above but the trumpets weren't as big:

This "bad boy" gets everybody's attention. Dual tone air horn is twice as loud as your factory horn.
* Easy installation, uses existing factory wiring
* All-in-one design, no separate compressor or hoses
* 118 dB, 530/680 Hz
* Compact unit works with any car, truck, motorcycle or boat with a 12V system
Overall dimensions: 2-1/2" W x 4-1/2" L x 4-1/2" H
Wolo# MODEL 419
ITEM 94117-0VGA
Manufacture site:
Suppose to be 118db like the Hella's are. You can hear samples of both on the sites above.
I thought maybe the smaller trumpet size might make it easier to find the room. It was on sale for $35 so I went and purchased the "Bad Boy" and took it home. The BB is actually made by the same Stebel company.
click on products, electropneumatics, Nautilus Compact Series
more pictures there and they have more specs / measurements.

Needless to say, it was hard to get behind the grill. It would of fit but it was just too close to the radiator and I would have to make a custom bracket. I'm running a FMIC and there is a small space in the corners of the large bumper opening so I installed it there.

After hooking it up and trying it, I was really impressed with the sound and how loud it was. The other thing I liked is it wasn't blocking the air flow to my radiator like the Hella's were. With my new FP Red turbo and FMIC, I want as much air flow as possible. This horn definitely sounds more Exotic too. Just listen to the samples to see for yourself.

I'll try to get a sound DB meter just to compare the single compact air horn with the Hella's. Not sure if its me, but the BB air horn sounds louder than old my Hella's.

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sti-06 said:
ebay one looks like a cheap made in china knock offs.

and look @ the sellers name...
Uh, they say Nautilus on them. I'm pretty sure they're not knock off's. Here's another they're selling but they want $70!

Looks just like the one I got at Harbor Freight for $35. Mine also say's Nautilus by Stebel on one of the caps and WOLO on the other cap.
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