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Another J.S. Auto Design & Detailing performance parts Review

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I recently purchased the ATI gauge pod with AEM wideband O2 and boost gauges. I PM'd the vendor asking if they could work with me on the price. They replied within the minute and we came to a price that was even lower than they had originally posted. When i got the invoice for the individual parts, i couldnt believe how low their prices were. I buy stuff online all the time, but will contact them first from now on.

1. Super fast response times
2. Lower than lowest prices
3. Super fast shipping

Overall: 10/10.

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Same great experience here! I just hope they don't undersell to the degree that they go out of business :p great work guys!
Thank you sir. Really appreciate the feedback.

MODS, could you combin this with the other thread as well. Thank you
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