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What Wheels Should Go On The Car

  • Volk TE37's 17x8 [Silver of an undisclosed but attractive nature]

    Votes: 20 21.5%
  • Volk CE28Ns 18x8 [Silver]

    Votes: 13 14.0%
  • Volk CE28Ns 18x8 [Gold]

    Votes: 60 64.5%
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Mod List:

-ARC Super Induction Box
-ARC Titanium Pulley Cover
-ARC Titanium Radiator Cover
-C-West Carbon Fiber MAF Cover
-Cobb Access Port
-Cusco Heat Sheild
-NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
-Powerhouse Amuse R1 Extra Titan Exhaust
-Prova Brake Cap
-Prova Carbon Fiber Air Duct
-Prova Clutch Cap
-TopSpeed Protune 296 AWHP / 324 AWTQ
-Zero/Sports Catted Downpipe
-Zero/Sports Intake Pipe Kit

-Cusco Hardened Motor Mount
-Cusco Hardened Transmission Mount

-Chargespeed Carbon Fiber Type 1 Front Lip
-Complete Exterior Respray
-JDM Number Plates
-JDM Wakaba Beginner Driver Badge
-STi JDM Clear Headlights
-STi JDM Clear Side Markers
-STi JDM De-badged Trunk
-STi JDM Rain Guards
-STi JDM S203 Rear Spoiler
-STi JDM Aluminum Trunk
-Subaru OEM WRX Side Skirts

-ATI Gauge Pod
-Autospeed Dead Pedal
-Bride FO Seat Rail
-Bride Zeta II Driver's Seat
-Cusco E Con Dampening Controller
-Defi BF Amber Boost Gague
-Defi BF Amber EGT Gauge
-Defi BF Amber Oil Pressure Gauge
-Defi Link Control Unit II
-HKS Kansai Service Low Position Seat Rail
-Nardi Sport Rally Deep Cone 350mm Steering Wheel
-STi JDM Auto Intercooler Switch
-STi JDM Door Sills
-STi JDM Floor Mats
-STi JDM S203 Red Hazard Button
-STi JDM Spec C 12L Intercooler Tank
-STi JDM Spec C Carpet
-STi JDM Spec C Door Cards
-STi JDM Spec C Front Seats
-STi JDM Spec C Rear Seats
-Zero/Sports Formula Starter Kit

-Cusco Master Cylinder Brace
-Hawk HPS Pads [Front]
-Hawk HPS Pads [Rear]

-Cobb Front Endlinks
-Cobb Rear Endlinks
-Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar [Titanium]
-Cusco Front Sway Bar [22mm]
-Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
-Cusco Rear Sway Bar [Adjustable]
-Cusco Zero-2E Coilovers
-STi JDM Spec C Forged Aluminum Front Control Arms
-STi JDM Trailing Arms

Wheel / Tire
-Falken RT-615 255/40/17
-Project Kics R40 Neo Chro Lug Nuts
-Yokohama Original Wheel Design Advan Racing Center Caps
-Yokohama Original Wheel Design Advan Racing RG 17x8.5

Pictures of my STi right after I got her.


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very nice, good pictures - very clean too ;)

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Very nice. Always loved the Java Black STi's!

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I wish I could keep mine that clean. We seem to have the same taste in color combo's. Now if you would only take off that Auburn tag for a University of Alabama tag, we would be on the same page. Just kidding, very nice ride.

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Welcome. nice pics of your car.

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Beautiful pics.

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What size wheels and tires are you runing?
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