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All season tires for '13 sti?

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Hey Guys!
Quick question!
Are ALL SEASON tires okay for STI's?
I don't have too much money to buy new rims + Winter tires and switch off.
Would I be able to get some inform on good ALL SEASON tires?
I know there's a lot of posts like this but I'm very new to this forums >.<
Hope you can understand and help!
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Continental ExtremeContact DWS have a lot of good reviews for all season tires on subarus
...this is also the for sale thread just so you know but it will be moved
Sounds like this is going to be a winter setup. Where are you located?
all seasons are okay for mild amounts of snow, but not great for deep snow. they also do not perform as well when it comes to grip. this won't be a problem for your STi on the straights, but you will feel it in the corners.

I would advise you get a high quality performance oriented all season tire if you are going that route - I went with the conti DWS but their sidwalls are super soft. if I was doing it again, I'd probably pick Michelin a/s 3's. next summer I'm going to buy some summer tires and just pay to switch / mount / balance the tires between the seasons, rather than keep two sets of wheels.
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