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Alarms installed yet anyone?

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I'm still looking around for the 'right' alarm, but has anyone had one done yet? Are there any complications with an alarm install on a brand new car?

I wouldn't think there would be many differences from the older WRXs, but ya never know.
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yes, when the installer is a complete moron...

anyways, ask your installer:

1. will you be cutting any wires?
2. can it be returned to stock?
3. do you have a lifetime warranty?
4. will you give me all manuals and stuff?

btw, i'm finding the stock alarm to be okay... plus it's warranteed.

i'm looking to hack it to include power window roll up...
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My compustar will be going in within the next week or so. There are differences with the STi over the '02-'03 WRX's. make sure your installer has a wiring diagram (from the service manuals).
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has anyone tried lo-jack yet? my friend and i were thinking of putting in lo-jack, but we heard some weird things.

What we heard was that lo-jack will find the car but if it finds the car after its been ripped apart, lo-jack will not refund, and the insurance wont cover for a stolen car since it has been found.

ALSO does anyone know how much lo-jack costs? is it a monthly fee??
A friend of mine had his early 90's Saturn stolen (no lo-jack on that thing). After he had talked to the police and his insurance company, the thiefs brought it back! They had taken all of his tools, but left the car itself intact -- they even topped off the tank. He found out later that if the car had remained stolen, the insurance company would have paid him blue book -- in this case about 5 times what he could have sold it for.

<attempt to get back on topic> I wouldn't put the STi in the same category as a Saturn, but still, I don't know if I want to drive a car that had been stolen. With the exception of the Saturn scenario, most car thieves don't treat the cars they steal with the same respect as the owner. Given that, lo-jack isn't coming near my car.

Now, give me a service that tracks down the car thief (and leaves the car out of the picture), and I'm sold.
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If I had a sports car stolen I would hope they don't find it.
thanks for the replies. yup, my friend and i both agree on dropping the lo-jack thing.
How about a recorded voice saying, "dear thief, thank you for stealing my car. Please do not return it."

Cheaper than Lo-Jack.
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