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Akebono ASP1001 and ASP961

It's been a few months now and I'm pretty happy with the Akebono performance pads that I picked up. Their initial braking and pedal feel is on par with the OEM pads. I did a bunch of stops from 40ish than 60ish as a bed-in/feeling-in process and didn't notice any fade. Thanks the 'rona though, I haven't been able to see how they handle an autox with 200TW tires.

Where they really stand out is in their dusting...or lack thereof. The STI logo is still visible after a few months and I think there's more road dirt than dust on my wheels.

I've had Mintex, Ferodo and Project Mu and these Akebonos are the best pad street that I've used.

Side note...The pads that came out of the car were Jurid pads; I picked up the car used so I'm not sure if they're the OEM pad or not.
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