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First I'll start off by introducing myself.

My name is Jim and I live in Trenton NJ with my beautiful wife. I'm an Art Supervisor for a Pharmaceutical Advertising Agency.

I started out modding cars in 1998 when I got my first civic, from there I've owned a yellow Type R, built a complete "Type R Civic" (which i still own). I then made the switch to Subarus in late 2004 when I bought 2005 Baja turbo then into a 2006 WRX wagon and now finally I got my hands on my SWP dream car. My plans for this car is to have a safe and functional, always clean DD that has a little kick to it.


factory options:
2009 Gold BBS wheels/2010 Silver STI wheels
Ipod Integration
Armrest extender
foglight kit

Exterior mods:
Painted Sports Grille
De-badged and De-Dealerized
Yellow Lamin-X Fog light overlays
Red Lamin-X Tail light overlays
30% tint in the rears
RA Mudflaps
Perrin Shorty Antenna
Black/Gold BBS Center Caps
Black Locking Lugs
Ebay front lip
JDM 205 Black side badges

Performance Mods:
Cobb Accessport
Cobb Short Ram Intake
Cobb Downpipe
Cobb Exhaust
Stage 2 Protune at Precision Tuning in Spotswood NJ
Stoptech Slotted Rotors
Stoptech brake pads

The car was getting pulls of 302 whp and 338 torque with 18 pounds of boost.
In fear of the fuel keeping up they actually ended up with 292whp and 311 torque at 16 pounds.

Future Plans:
Whiteline Sways
Cobb Fuel Injectors (1000cc)
Cobb Pressure regulator
Fuel Pump

My first car
1999 Honda Civic Hatch (owned from 1999-2000)

My Yellow Type R (owned 2000-2002)

My WRX Owned (2006-2009)

My homemade Type R Civic Hatch (2002-2011)

1996 DX Hatchback (has rear wiper)
Paintjob "Kaiser Gunmetal Metallic" (Acura NSX color)
1999 Civic Front End (custom cut bumper)
Civic SI grille
Civic Type R rear lip
JDM Civic Type R Exhaust (street) Tanabe Racing Medallion Exhaust (track)
Spoon Sports Carbon Fiber wing
JDM Civic Type R headlights
OEM fogs
Mugen Carbon Fiber Lip
Spoon Sports Mirrors
5 lug conversion
Integra Type R wheels w/ custom painted caps
Tein Springs
Tokico Shocks
Skunk 2 Control Arms and Camber Kit
Cross Drilled Rotors
Stainless brake lines
Carbon fiber hood

Integra Type R seats
Civic Type R Steering wheel
Civic SI cluster
Civic SI power door panels
Carbon Fiber gauge cluster overlay
Civic SI armrest
Sony Head unit
JL sub and box
Spoon shift knob
Custon Rear light
Factory Cargo cover
Spoon Race pads
Sony DVD Player (not installed)
Recaro Seat Cell Holder

1998 Acura Integra Type R motor (B18C5)
Skunk 2OBD 2 to OBD 1 Conversion Harness
P28 Computer
Mugen Program for ECU 4,500 Vtec Engagement / 9,500 Redline
AEM Shortram Intake
AEM Pully system
Full MSD Ignition and Blaster
Fluidyne Slim Radiator
Skunk 2 Strutbar
Skunk 2 Oil Cap
Skunk 2 Battery Tie Down
Skunk 2 Plug Cover
Ground Wire Kit
Spoon wristbands

Pedal lock
Handgun for the badguys


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welcome! and beautiful array of cars you have!

why thank you "Honda and Subaru" for life. :)

Awesome STi. :) Whose DSM is poking around the Taurus in the picture on the street? ;)

ah, that's my buddies, he put in the turbo motor from a crashed car into his non-turbo body. it's a pretty fun little car but the transmission/shifting feels like ****. :lol:

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Welcome! I had 2000 phoenix yellow type r #252. I still miss that car... so fun to drive. The STi is better though. ;-)

Get a downpipe and a custom tune. It's the best thing you can do for the car.

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I had a black ITR..I miss that car too...Too bad Honda doesn't build enthusiast cars.

Agent Smith(why do you keep calling me that) That is awesome that you love your car.

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So I finally re-flashed to stage 1!

I went with the PERRIN Stage 1 93 Octane MAP, with the PERRIN filter and it runs amazing. I really love the feel and wish I did the AP earlier. It's much smoother and aggressive. I haven't felt any hesitation


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hey where did you get your tail light done and how much?

Hey, I was born in Oxnard!!!! I live in NJ now, these were done at Shades of Gray in Philly for around 100$. I'm sure there are tons of places in CA. I'd do some searching on here for some cali guys...They came out perfect. :D

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why thank you "Honda and Subaru" for life. :)

ah, that's my buddies, he put in the turbo motor from a crashed car into his non-turbo body. it's a pretty fun little car but the transmission/shifting feels like ****. :lol:
Hey man sick wipe, where did you get the tail light over lays and how much were they?

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which BBS's?

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oh, nice!
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