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oh come on now.....I used to drive my 323GTX road race car on the street from Kitchener, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario - a 600km (~350 mile) trip and it wasn't that bad :wink:

Full race suspension - and that's a real race suspension, not one of these silly street things that most hon-duh drivers have.

Stripped interior with cage, 1 bucket and a harness. Only the engine and heater fan to keep me company! :lol:

Eventually you get sick of the engine drone so you just drive faster and faster.....and faster and faster....I seem to remember seeing well over 110mph regularly around Kingston/Belleville where the road gets REAL monotonous.

I remember the first time I did the trip and DIDN'T sit upright in the bucket...man...my back was sore for a week!

Compared to that, my STi is a Cadillac !! So I enjoy every ride in it...

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