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Adding 'auto' to IC Spray

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Anyone big on electrical wiring? I'm decent at it and I think I can figure this out anyway, but would anyone have any good plans for adding an auto feature to the IC spray?

It should be as easy as adding a thermocouple to the IC and then a transistor of some sort to turn the spray on until the temp lowers below the set point.

Off to radio shack!
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I would put in some more logic than just what a thermocouple can provide. Maybe the addition of a timer would be good, so that if it is too hot outside, and you can't lower the temp to the set point, it won't drain your resevoir. You could also put in a float switch into the resevoir (or tie into the factory "low fluid indicator") so that you don't attempt to pump if there is no more fluid. You should be able to throw together a small computer to handle the logic -- maybe something based on a HC6811 (I think that's what that all-in-one thing was called). What does it take to tie into the ECU for something like this? I've seen the devices to go from the OBD2 connector to RS232, but there may be a less expensive way.

The more I think about it, the more complicated it seems. If you do come up with something good, start selling them. There should be a good market for it. <Pip>I'd pay one hundred dollars for one!</Pip>
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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